Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 6)

Here I go again, joining Jen on her Friday thing.
I'm liking this.
(If you are not, let me know.)
Here's my 7 Quick Takes-Valentine Edition:
I had a wonderful St Valentine party for my kiddos,
We had 19 kiddos here total.
I am such a Martha though,
that I rarely think about my camera
when I'm hosting.
Kids played,
made Valentine bags,
went sledding down our big hill in our backyard,
had a treasurehunt,
exchanged Valentines &
ate lots of sugar.
(I had veggies and dip here too)
Here's Sweetie Pie eating leftover cupcakes, er, uh,
should I say,
eating the frosting from leftover cupcakes?

One Valentine E-mail picture sent to my hubby

A Valentine card from my hubby.
I only ask for a card with words written inside to me.
(I bought the flowers for the party)
Roses are so overrated.
I'll take those grocery store fresh flowers any day over roses.
We are going out tonight.
Our Parish is hosting a "Cana Dinner"
in honor of married couples.
We will get the opportunity to renew our vows!!
I love dating my husband.

I did get a picture of the big kiddos searching for clues on their treasure hunt.
This year, I split the group in two:
Ages 6 and under, inside treasure hunt.
Ages 7-15, outside treasure hunt.
The outside hunt took them from our home to the end of the road,
back to our home, into the backyard and back down to the other end of the road,
and back to our garage, into our van for their treasure!
(Chocolate candy heart boxes)

Heart garland

Balloons galore!

Let's talk Commercialism.
I know they have Valentines out already on Christmas Eve.
I know they already have Easter Candy out and it's not even Lent yet.
It does kind of bug me how the stores make the holiday.
They market it, they make you want to buy everything.
Everything you don't need.
My husband's partner doesn't believe in celebrating Valentine's day,
(not sure what his wife thinks...)
because of all of that "stuff".
Well, I get that.
But, I also get that every holiday has a religious beginning.
Even on the 4th of July, we celebrate our religious freedoms we have in America.
"God Bless America!"
It's what we do with it that counts.
I gave my husband hearts every day that he had to find, each having a love note on.
Cost: Zero.
Should we be doing this stuff every day of the year,
not just on Valentine's day?
But will we?
We might do it sometimes.
We should do it sometimes.
This month of Love
becomes a special time to go that extra mile.
Do extra things for the ones we love,
because we love.
That's what love is, right?
Doing things because we love,
out of love.
Why not be a kid again,
make Valentines,
have a party
Love those you love
just a little extra.

"The soul who loves God always swims in joy, always keeps holiday, and is always in the mood for singing."
-St John of the Cross


  1. Oh, Jamie! I love the Valentine's pic you sent your hubby. Love. It. :)

  2. You always have the best parties because you put so much of Jamie into them. I can see why you have so many kiddos around during special times. They know it is going to be so much fun. That was a beautiful picture of you that you gave your hubby. Have a blessed weekend and visit my blog for a special prayer request.

  3. I like that you do these quick takes! I never get bored when I come here to your bloggy home.

    YAH -to a valentine party. Sounds like you had a good too!

    Praying for your hubby and daughter that this time together will bring much good fruit...virtuous fruits. Dad and daughter relationships are so important.

    I really like your email pic.
    I like doing the heart thing also around this time of year.

    Also the 17th of each month to make a little special because that is our anniversary date. Marriages are special and the kids need to see mama and dada in lub.

    have a great weekend!
    my inlaws are coming today.

  4. ps..thanks for the offer of a ride. It is nice to know that I can call you for anything. YOU TOO!

    Call me if you guys ever need help with anything.

    except...for helping clean up kid puke. I have to pass...ugh ugh ugh.

  5. LOVE ALL THE PICS!!!! Almost called today...UGH! Gotta get over this we do!

  6. What a great St. V party! The kids were remembering when we could get together for it in years past...

    How did you all fare in the big snowstorm?? I saw that your town even had power outages - we were praying!!
    Even the Inlaws couldn't come this weekend as they got sleet and then 15+ inches!! Sure is pretty to cover up the dirty snow, tho


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