Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Yellow Hankerchief

My husband and I watched this movie this weekend.
I give it a thumbs up.
It wasn't til the end that I was like, "Hey, what's the name of this movie?"
You will too.
It's about a man (William Hurt) who gets released from prison
and makes his journey down south after hurricane Katrina.
On his way, he meets up with some lonely teens.
Their odd friendship ends up helping their deep need to just be loved.
I knew nothing about this movie when we got it (Netflix) and
sometimes that is the best way to watch a movie.
(although, I prefer to know what it's about)


  1. I added the movie to my Netflix queue, which is what I do with all the movies you blog about. And I've liked them! How do you hear about them? Do you go off the movies Netflix recommends to you? Some of them are icky...

  2. Tom actually gets all our movies, he checks out everything and if I have a request, he gets it.

    I'm sure it was one recommended so he checked it out.

    Glad you have liked the ones I recommend, I hope you let me know if you don't like any.

    *I used to work in a video store, once upon a time....

  3. We are thinking about trying netflix


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