Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas

 Make a giant heart cookie pizza using refrigerator cookie dough and pink frosting with
shredded white chocolate with sprinkles... 
 Make a love tree...
 with special love notes and quotes...
 make pink play dough...
 Make special love notes each day in February for your husband (or wife)...leaving special treats too...
let him know he's your muscle man and he's still your hero!
 Send him a love email....
 winter heart crafts...
 heart collages...

 paint with red, pink and white paint and let the kiddos mix it all up!
or these cards for your sweetie....
(right) sticker heart card...
Hoping to make this...
Love your sweeties!!


  1. Great, easy ideas! That tree of hearts link was bright and fun. The kids version was cute too. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I wish I could be a kid in your house! What fun all those are. And honestly, with how my hormones are making me crave all things sweet today, that giant cookie made me drool a little.

  3. Yes, Nicole I loved the bright colors and thought it was pretty enough to frame!

    Shelly--so sorry to tempt you!!

  4. Oh my gosh. Is this all from this year?? I'm so far behind!

  5. Gosh I love it all. So creative! The tree is adorable.

  6. Beth, no!! The tree, we've been doing for years now, so the branch and jar are in the basement and I keep the hearts in my "February" file so there's no work with that one...the playdough, last year, the cookie pizza, I make every year on Valentine's that hasn't been done yet either. BUT we did do a lot of crafts this week! Had to do my best to keep a certain 2 year old busy so we could school!!!

  7. Great ideas Jamie - thanks for sharing all the fun projects your kids do with us.

    This was a good reminder for me... sometimes I get bogged down with the grammar and geography and history, especially in the winter months... I need to remember to let them have more FUN!!

    Continued prayers for you as you get settled and tweak your new routine.

  8. I LUB your ideas. The pink playdough is the best. I am sick of the green stuff from Christmas.

    It is so good to celebrate love. Your home is blessed.

    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to you.

  9. You have so many great ideas for celebrating St. Valentine's Day! Your children must love all the crafts! And your husband must love the special cards made just for him.

  10. Would love to have that dessert recipe. Please email or bloggy about it!!!

  11. All of your ideas are great! I second Shelly about wishing to be a kid in your house. We haven't gotten into the spirit yet, but we still have a few days. God Bless.

  12. You and your kiddos have so much fun especially on holidays like Valentines. Glad you had fun.

  13. These are such "sweet" ideas, Jamie! I love the idea of leaving notes all through the month. And that love tree is the cutest! That quotable Saint book is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing:)

  14. We are going to steal a few of these ideas~ thank you! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day! The girls asked if we were going to get together with you guys for Valentine's Day the other day and I said we will soon:)
    God bless!!

  15. How fun is your Valentine. We are headed to the park with our homeschool group and the kids just made their boxes. I felt creative. I am going to need to remember the love tree for next year. Thanks for all the fun ideas.

  16. wow, such great idas. I love those coffee filter hearts with dabber paints for the windows. they let the sun shine thru them too. collages are such fun too! Happy St. Valentine's Day.


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