Friday, October 11, 2013

Odd Things in My Head

What do you use?
Do you use the real stuff?
 or do you used this stuff?
I've always used this stuff, because, well, 
it keeps forever.
I've recently tried using the real stuff 
(we try new recipes every 2 weeks)
and we can all tell a huge difference!
it just tastes more, I don't know, 
fresher?  More real?
(cuz it is!)
(I don't like the way it makes my fingers smell after cutting it up though)
 Another Pinterest success!!
(not my picture)
Easy Pizza Dough

1 cup self rising flour
1 cup plain greek yogurt

Lots of flour for kneading,
Knead for 5 minutes
Bake for 5-8 minutes once it's rolled onto the pizza pan
(I do 425 degrees)
put toppings on, bake til cheese is melted
(I always make 2 pizza crusts, this recipe makes one thickish crust)
 Another fun dough to make with littles!
Soap Dough
2  35 ounce boxes of cornstarch
1 56 ounce bottle Dawn dishsoap

I have to tell you, the measurements are wrong, 
they don't make those ounces in those products, 
so I improvised and just got close to that...
I also used generic Dawn
 We had friends over for this one!

 Big warning, click on the picture to
 1. see cuteness up close, 
and 2.  see the BIG mess it makes.
This is also all over the floor.
But it keeps good and cleans up! 
 See why I don't picture the big kids much?
OK, I'm showing this picture because I have a question for you...
Go ahead, click on the picture to see me up close.
Look at those gray hairs!!  (wow--it's been a hard couple years)
How the heck do I naturally get rid of the dark circles and puffiness?
I recently started working out
(30minutes/day on treadmill)
(3 weeks ago)
(why am I putting so much in parentheses?)
I would think the working out would help with all of that...
(well, not the gray hairs)

And wow...I am so white, I need some sun man.

(I have to add that I am proud of my gray hairs...I'm not coloring,
they are earned--it's a joy of getting old-er)

OK, ask me in a couple years if I think the same way....
Speaking of getting older,
Isn't this one of the best costumes ever for a toddler?
 OK, onto more products
Beau Monde Seasoning!!
Have you ever used this?
My sis and bro in law told us about this stuff like 
15 years ago!
It's great on baked potatoes.
(that's actually all I use it for)

Just wondering if you'd ever heard of it...
 This is one of our favorite things!!
We paid something like 60 bucks the beginning of school
(with our school order)
I am so glad we ordered when we did, 
now, all they have is this
We are loving the magnetic part of this 
and it is perfect for my 2nd grader!
Stuffed animals!!
I hate them
I don't usually use such a strong word here on the blog, 
but I do.
I just want to take the time to apologize 
to anyone I have EVER given a stuffed animal to.
I'm sorry.
Every single one is "special"
according to my girls.
 My kids are back to making book houses
Notice the doll house sits empty, except to hold a few books...
 But the book houses are mansions!! 
We've found another great Netflix show to watch!
We just started this series, 
(thanks to you readers, for suggesting it!)
It's pretty good!  

Have a great weekend!
It's pouring outside now...
so I might be back with a much deeper post.
(might is the key word here)


  1. Invest in a garlic press or touch something stainless steel. Do you have a spoon? Or they even sell bars of stainless steel at like Bed Bath and Beyond. It absorbs the odor. I don't know why. We buy the big bag of garlic from Sam's club. We love it. Though the jar stuff is good for roast beef so we keep it around occasionally. (Because we have roast beef all the time... we don't. 2 times a year maybe.)

    1. Seriously? Just touch it? Wow..I'll have to try that one!! Cool....that is totally cool. I think if I bought that much garlic, it would rot...we don't use that much!! I like the minced stuff in roast beef too!!

    2. Yes just touch it or hold it in your hand for about 5 seconds. I really don't get it but it works.

    3. you don't even need a stainless steel bar, just rub your fingers on your sink faucet. Same effect. Zero money!

    4. It works!! It works!! Wow, totally amazing! (I cut up garlic for our white chili last night!)

  2. (when you find out how to get rid of wrinkles or puffiness) (let me know!) ((())))
    ha teasing.
    I think you look great. Wrinkles are in my genes. But I also laugh a lot..that is my badge of honor. I want those laugh lines. I do color my hair so I am not sure if I have grays or not? I color my hair just to get a little so thin. At least you have beautiful thick dark hair and no wrinkles!((())))

    Keep that cute zebra with the pink feet and throw the rest!Oh and the Jesus doll! I have 2 box of stuffies. One with all sorts of different animals (I am attached too) and the other is just dog stuffies.

    We are going to start watching Duck Dynasty on netflix.first season!

    Have a great weekend my old gray-haired puffy friend who smells like garlic((()))
    just giving you some grief ... You look beautiful!

    1. I am not fishing for compliments, seriously, I want to know how to fix it!! I have those angry mama lines between my eyes...

      Oh, I hate the big giant zebra purse thingy, we have 2 the other one is a giant pink horse purse thingy!! They've been outside and are filthy, but they won't even let me wash them!

      Duck Dynasty? I just can NOT get into that one...I mean it's funny for like 5 minutes. I don't like that kind of reality, they are just people. (I do like how they end in prayer though) (never watched a whole show or anything though, I think they are boring)

      You have a great weekend my wrinkled up ol' lady friend!! hahaha!! Just teasing...

  3. Ok... a couple things... are beautiful! I see no grey or puffiness or anything...just one gorgeous, happy mama.

    Real garlic all the way. (Says the Italian gal...)
    I use a garlic press. And I love it.

    Last. Stuffed animals= evil.
    My kids have them. I hate them.
    Unless they are really cute.

    Happy weekend, my dear friend. : )

    1. Oh, there is puffiness, there is. I do NOT want compliments, just a solution to the problem--can you help me?

      Gotta get one of those....garlic presses....

      Yes, those stuffed animals are cute, on the shelf, in the store....then once they are home, something happens, they become messy things all over the floor!! (hmmm...another visiting thing?)

      Happy weekend to you too!

  4. Like everyone else, I don't see puffiness. cucumbers? (Seriously, I don't know!) As for dark circles, I know you wanted natural remedies but I just use the Eraser make-up. Works really good, looks natural.

    Why didn't you post that pizza dough last week??? I just did pizza and it did not go well. :-( I will have to try it your way next.

    I just signed up for today! Never heard of it, just happened to run across it! Oh my gosh, I love it, you can add kids profiles, pictures, jobs and they check it off as they go! Super fun for the kids too! Plus, they earn points, the computer keeps track of them. They also can write little notes to you about their jobs. :-) Oh yeah, and it's free!

    I'll have to check out that netflix show. I'm sick today so maybe I have an excuse to watch it even though I hear kids pounding on the door....

    1. I use that eraser stuff too, but I don't want to and by mid afternoon, it's gone and the circles are dark it doesn't completely take away the circles...

      Sorry, you can make it anytime, right?

      That chart is not a "chore" chart, it's a magnetic calendar for learning days, weeks, months, weather....years...numbers!

      But that chore thing sounds wonderful.

  5. Jamie, you are beautiful, and it just gets better with age. Good for you for working out! It's such a good thing for body, soul, and spirit.

    I love those little book houses- your kids are really smart to come up with that. Very imaginative! I wonder what people would say if I dressed up like an old lady with a walker? Actually, it wouldn't take much of a costume!

    1. Oh, Baloni Shelly!! You look younger than me! It would be a fun costume for anyone though, right?

  6. Jamie, I visit your blog every day or so and rarely comment (so I guess I am a lurker) but I have to say when I scrolled down and saw the picture of you and Jedi (before reading your comments) I thought to myself how beautiful you looked --- your skin looks great and you look like you have lost weight,, and you have such a beautiful smile. Please do not be so hard on yourself. We women are always our own worst enemies. I think you look gorgeous, healthy, and happy!

    1. Oh, Cathy, thank you for lurking! Most of all, thanks for saying hi!! Now, I did not put the picture up for compliments, really, I am serious, I really want to know what people do for those issues!!

      Thank you, you are a sweet heart!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Warehouse 13. That costume idea is too much.

    1. Thanks, it was probably you that suggested it to me! My husband is not sure he likes it yet...we'll see, he says he'll give it one more chance...I like it.

      This costume would be so cute on your twins!!

  8. Real garlic always (unless a recipe calls for powder, and those are few). Buy a garlic press. I use a zyliss (brand).

    Keep those grays and be sure to remind the kids why you have them. They'll laugh! No idea about the dark circles -- I have them too. The only solution to lines is botox. I'm not going there. I met a woman at an event last night who is my age -- not one line. She looks 30. Has to be botox. Ugh. I felt like her grandma!

    Sneak a few animals in the trash every once in a while. Faith claims they are all special too, but she rarely misses them.

    The only thing I use Beau Monde for is a meat marinade -- and only because it is a recipe I got from my mother-in-law and she claims you HAVE to use it. I think it smells like Lawrys. Sometimes I can't get it and I have to use lawrys.

    1. Funny thing is I used to have a garlic press and you know how I always am trying to clean things out, well, I never used the dang thing, so I got rid of it! Now I want one....

      I've never seen Beau Monde as an ingredient for anything...try it on baked potatoes, I think it's the celery seed in it that gives it a unique taste.

      Oh, gosh and those animals...I have done that in the past, but it seems they are like rabbits or something---they somehow multiply. (hahah) Anyway, I know, I need to do that, and it would feel so good. Wish I could sneak those giant horse purse thingy's.

      I bet that that woman who looked 30 was no where close to being as beautiful as you. You are aging gracefully and your peace and light of Christ shines through. I like the gray. (on you and me!) OK, I'm not liking the dark circles and puffiness...but I am NOT doing botox or anything like that. Whenever we have to take Simeon to the plastic surgeon's office, I am always thinking the receptionist and nurses are thinking I need some Botox or lipo or something. OH, well...I dont' feel like that anywhere else!!

      My mom still colors her hair. My grandma (my dad's mom) told her that she's too young to be gray. (that was like 20 years ago) That's why she does it she says.

      Have a great weekend.

  9. I am getting a lot of gray in my hair too - I noticed it more this year in pictures from my birthday...oh well. I love those little houses your kids made out of their books! How fun and creative. Going to get some Greek Yogurt and try that pizza dough recipe! Have been out of town and am catching up reading blog posts! Have a great week!


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