Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thankful Fall

Thankful for my backyard, yellow, fall view from our dining room.
We've had a beautiful fall here in Minnesota. 
I am trying to enjoy and appreciate it.
(hoping it to be my last one here in Minnesota)
We've had both warm and cooler temps.
Next week looks to have expected highs in the 40's
Thankful for waterpainting boys
There's a christian message with the spider web, did you know that?
The spider makes her web and busies herself 
with a million other things going on.
She decides one day to do some housecleaning,
getting rid of old bugs and messy strings.
She is busy working away until she pulls 
a piece of the web that is stretched out and looks as if 
there is no need for it.
She pulls it out and the whole web falls down.

Do you know the moral  of this story?
(it's kind of a stretch of the imagination but I  like it)
The string that she was not paying attention any more 
ended up being the string she should have been taking the most care of.
Her spiritual life.
Her soul

Putting the right things in order, by putting God first and center.

Pretty, huh? 

And kind of October-ish-Halloween-ish.
(trust me, it's a word)
Thankful for homeschool soccer on Saturday mornings!
(this is a picture of the morning warm up)
Thankful the people that run it, have been running it for 20 some years now
and this is their last year. 
Their youngest is a senior.
What a gift they've been all these years to all of us!
Thankful a couple weeks ago, we had temps in the 80's
It was like summer again!
Kids were running around in shorts, playing with water and sticks 
(and branches)
Thankful I got to correct papers out in it!

The next day. 
Not so warm.
It was really, really cold actually!
Thankful we only have a few more winter items to replace 
after giving everything away last spring.

Thankful for unicycling Mondays!
It's hard to get pictures of moving unicyclists...these two are a little easier!
Thankful they are forever best friends and worst of enemies!!

Reminds me of these two cuties!
This is my little brother and I!
(he's 13 months younger than I am)
We were 2 and 4 here and I remember it vividly.
The photographer wanted him to lean on me and his elbow was digging into my leg.
But she made him keep it there....can't you tell by the look on my face?

Thankful we had the opportunity to visit this mama and her sweet baby boy!

Isn't he just a honey?
Now if he doesn't make you want to have another baby, nothing will.

I tried to steal him before we left, but it didn't work, 
I forgot my baby carseat!
Thankful for little helpers!
Thankful for graveyard walks on fall days
This graveyard is behind our home, through the woods.

Thankful some kids still jump on the trampoline!

Thankful for beautiful fall art!

Thankful Billie Jo is always sharing her love for candles and her home looks so homey, 
because I'd thrown out all my candles decluttering last spring! 
So I had to go get a fall smelling candle and I'm loving it! 

Thankful for these two....
and fall leaf kicking walks!

Aren't they sweet? 
They're holding hands....

No walk goes without someone getting stuff in their shoes

or kids throwing things down someone's back
Please tell me our kids are not the only ones that fight like this!! 
Thankful their fighting did not ruin my walk!
Thankful for my fall mailbox!
(kind of a sad sight these days)
Reminding myself of this quote daily.
( Thankful I know how to put words on pictures now!)
I probably should have picked a different picture though,
 as no color wording worked.  


  1. You're kids are really growing up! I think it's great you can all get out and enjoy the autumn leaves on your walks. (And yes, all other sisters fight too. Our two granddaughters fight constantly-or so it seems!) Hope you'll be able to move next year if not sooner!

  2. Such beautiful photos, Jamie!
    And yes, a candle just makes a home that much cozier. : )
    Thanks for the peek at the precious baby! I've been waiting!
    Love you and your lovely family!

  3. Looks like you have had a busy and fun fall! Lots going on with kids and activities!

    Love all the art stuff. They are so good at it.

    You are so lucky to have held that baby. He is so cute!

  4. LOVE your thankful updates! Fall is my favorite season; I'm from your neighboring state of SD. I absolutely love the four seasons we experience here in the upper Midwest. I'm sure that is something you--and your kiddos--will greatly miss when you move south. Yes, the winters do get a little long here sometimes; it requires planning for some special activities and such to "get through" Jan. and Feb.

  5. I did not know that story of the cobweb. That can be so true for myself. What wonderfully fall photos in this post! I do miss those colors and hearing leaves fall and land. But! I would not trade my warmer weather for anything, except more warmer weather ;) Love to you and your beautiful kiddos!

  6. Kids fight? What? :)

    Fall is my favorite season and I hate that people burning stuff makes it hard for me to get outside and enjoy it. But I try to be thankful that I can still see it from my window or while out driving.

    The spider web story is neat. I think it shows you can turn nearly anything into a Christian story with a moral. And, who drew the rabbit?

    We're having our Indian summer days yesterday, today, and tomorrow and then it turns brisk again. Still, it's much warmer this fall than it has been in years! Enjoy what's left of yours.


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