Friday, January 13, 2017


This song has been out for a while, and I still love it!

I'm really loving this new song from Ed Sheeran too. He also has another new song out, I love the tune of it, as in for dancing and working out, but it's just not a very clean  song. Why do artists feel they need to make songs like that?

We might go to a Jeremy Camp concert and this man is opening for him. I love this song!

You know I have to add some Shawn Mendes! I think my kids' friends think I'm some crazy older woman in love with this teenage heart throb. (OK, maybe they don't think he's a heart throb) But, I am not. (Crazy or in love with him) I do, however, love all his songs!

OK enough of my favorite songs for now.

How about some movies?

This is one of my all-time favorites to watch at Christmas. You do know, that these Hallmark-type movies that are on at Christmas time, actually have nothing to do with Christmas, right? They are just love stories that happen around Christmas time. I love Hallmark-type movies. I love them because there's no guessing, there's no stress, just watch 2 people fall in love and get your happy ending.

We do  not have TV. We just stream Netflix and rent movies. SO, that means no Hallmark channel. You can watch Hallmark movies via YouTube but, the picture is just not as clear this way. I found something new this year, it's called "Feeln". It's an app I signed up for via the computer to be streamed to our TV.
For only $2.99/month I am able to watch a ton of Hallmark-type movies! All year long!!
So far, we, as in the girls and I, are loving Feeln.  Go HERE and check it out! (I think the price is now $3.99/month though, which is still an excellent price)

Tom and I watched this movie this past fall. I made a note to review it because it was such a good movie! Based on a true story. (I love those kind)
I don't really care for Matthew McConaughey, so I wasn't that excited to see this.
He really is a good actor though.
I don't  know, there are so many new actors out there, I just thought
it wouldn't be believable with such a popular actor, but he nailed it.

OK, back to Hallmark.
This show, we, as in, the girls and I, loved this!!
The first 2 seasons are on Netflix streaming.
Season 3 we had to order via Netflix
(you know, get the DVD's via the mail)
Good, clean, wholesome, love stories.

 Tom and I finished up Major Crimes via Netflix. We loved this show. It is a spinoff from the show The Closer. So if you are a fan of The Closer (we were) you'll love this one!
 This one is a favorite. What a  perfect role for James Spader. Seriously, he's the guy you hate to love. But you will love him. He's her dad. He has to be. This is another Netflix show we watch. I wanted to keep up with this season though and not wait a whole year for it to come to Netflix, so I'm watching current episodes via on the computer. With my headphones on. Late at night.
 This show goes down as one of my all-time favorites. Not only do I love this actor, who is actually Australian, playing American roles, but I loved this show! This one is another show that is DVD only, so Netflix would send this to you.
Tom and I just started watching this one.
We just started season 3
I really like it for the cases they have. I like it for the look into the life of lawyers.
But, it's a little scandalous...there's affairs and just not much of happy.
I like happy.

What do you watch?
Are there any good "couple" shows that guys like to watch too?
I just think it's slim pickin's these days.

OK, if you are still with me, I've got a scarf review:

 OK, so I saw this scarf at Walgreens, you know, walking through the whole store to the back to pick up prescriptions, because the drive-thru line was too long. They sucked me in, I bought this scarf. I thought it was so pretty and I thought, "it's so pretty, I can pull this off, I can wear a scarf and look cool."

Well, I put it on and my kids kept looking at me funny all morning. They laughed and told me I'm not a "scarf person". What's a "scarf person"?
 What if I wear it like this? Lots of people wear scarfs like this. "Who mom?" I guess no one wears scarfs like this. I think they should. I think it looks pretty. My kids don't. They laughed.
 This is my review of the scarf. I'm not wearing it. But it  is a pretty scarf, isn't it? Waste of money.

I have no sense of fashion.
My husband  Santa bought me a pretty pearl necklace and my first thought was,
"What about  my medal?"
I wear a Miraculous Medal every day.
No big deal, I just decided to add a medal to my necklace.
It looks OK, doesn't it?

See? I can be stylish by wearing jewelry (not scarves)
and still wear my medal, right?

Alright, songs, movies, TV shows, fashion (haha!)
I think we're done.
Anyone want a scarf?

(I apologize blogger kept switching from left margin to centering my paragraphs. Left margin was my goal)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thankful December 2016

 What better way to catch up on my blog than a "Thankful" post? I'll start with December and maybe work my way back hopefully in the next few weeks! Thankful for December Homeschool skating days! These littles have so much fun together! Sims here got skates for his birthday so I don't think he'll need this white walker thing next time!
 Thankful for Christmas tree decorating, gosh the kids have fun doing it! Christmas is new again every year. (like how they grouped the snowman all together?)
Thankful we have a fake tree, because we can put it up anytime and it doesn't dry out and die! I'll take it down this weekend, made it to Epiphany! I like a ton of lights, so I have white and multi-colored and it looks beautiful from the street!
 Thankful for St Nicholas Day celebrations! Thankful to still have littles that enjoy making fun cakes and all that comes along during Advent!
Thankful for little kid choir concerts Can you find my kiddos?
Thankful for big kid choir concerts! (it was combined with our homeschool band concert)
 My 3 oldest are in this choir but where I was sitting, I couldn't see my 2nd oldest daughter.
 Thankful these 2 love to puzzle with their daddy! They do 1000 piece puzzles all the time! This was one of the December ones! (1 of like 5)
 Thankful for Christmas book coloring! These 2 love to color! And they love to color with their mama! I love it too!
 Thankful for Christmas-time crafts!

Thankful Tom and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on the 20th!! I can't believe it's been 20 years!!
Thankful for our life together and all we've gone through together. It's been a really hard year for our family but we made it and I'm so very Thankful for the graces from our Sacrament of Matrimony. Gosh, sometimes I beg for those graces. We all have the graces we need in the Sacrament of Marriage, to get through anything that happens within the marriage, that includes our children, illnesses, good things and all the hard things.
 Thankful this sweet boy turned 5!!  My baby is 5!!  I say that with a little ache in my stomach. I'm happy and sad at the same time. Can you guess what kind of birthday it was?
Yep! A shark birthday!!
I'll try to post a birthday post and show you his fun birthday!
 Thankful for big brothers that help little brothers with Legos! So fun!
 Thankful my mom came to bake Christmas cookies with us this year! They got a little carried away with the flour!
 Thankful for cookie decorating! Our good friend Melissa and her fiancĂ©' came to help decorate! (it's a tradition we've been decorating with Melissa and her family for years and years!)

 Thankful for quiet a Christmas Eve. My oldest had to work (Panera Bread) so we didn't go to Mass that night but Christmas morning instead. We celebrated with a special dinner and gift opening afterward!
 Thankful for our special guest Kylo Ren. He's this little boy's favorite!
 Thankful for cold Christmas mornings! I had to pay these kids a piece of candy to pose outside like this!
 Thankful for our beautiful, crazy family!

 Thankful for Christmas at my mom's!
 Thankful for my siblings! I'm the oldest, then my brother John, (right side) and then my sister Brenna, and my baby brother Jordan (left side)
 Thankful for Christmas at my in-laws! Grandma playing with the littles here! Liam has a blurry face because he wouldn't sit still!

 Thankful for Tom's parents!
 Thankful for Lego gifts! Sims here put this dragon together all by himself!! Seriously, he is amazing!
 These 2 girls also put their Lego sets together in record time!
 Thankful at least these kids like it outside, because I don't! They make it at least bearable!
 Thankful for sleep-outs under the Christmas tree! Such a fun tradition.  (There wasn't much sleeping though)
Thankful for another year filled with blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What is Home?

 So, I have a friend that we met down in Texas. Her and her husband sold their home and bought one of these.  It has me so curious.  I think they traveled all summer, because I saw pictures like this at times on Facebook.  They will  be heading down to South Padre Island, TX to park and live in this for the winter soon.

It has me thinking and wondering and almost, I guess, attracted to the idea of getting rid of everything and just living simply and someplace warm. Someplace beautiful. Having the ability to travel anywhere in the United States and still be home.

It has me wondering if "home" is a place, or the people you love.  Is home just my husband?  Or is home my children too?  Of course now, it is my children too, but, you know, when they are all grown does that change?  Do I want to have the "come home to mama's" type home/life?

If you did something like this, what would you keep? I'd have to store my pictures I suppose, you know, the pictures I'd developed before everything was digital. I think we'd have to have a 5th wheel type RV, you know the type you'd pull with a truck.  Then, we'd have a vehicle to drive around without pulling it behind the camper.

Where would you live in the off season, like in the late spring, summer and early fall?  Would you rent a space on a lake somewhere in the Midwest?  Would you get tired of a small place?  (although, this looks big, it's much smaller than an actual house)

I don't know.  I have tons of thoughts and questions about this.  After thinking about this, I think I'd love it for sometimes, for certain seasons, but not all the time.  I'd love to have a place for the kids to come home to, but then, that too, opens new questions and some of the same questions.  Like what is "home"?  Would it matter to my kids if "home" were in a different house, like a patio home, or a condo where the yardwork would be taken care of and maybe there would be a pool and workout room?  (and in a warmer state, like Arizona)

After thinking quite a bit about this, I think I'd like a "house" with space. just space to be alone sometimes. (not that that happens ever here)

After spending one winter and another 5 weeks on South Padre Island, Texas, boy, that is something to dream about. I loved it so much. The people, the area, the ocean, the humidity, the salty air, the small-town feel it has. Now, wintering in this way, also opens a ton of questions. (I think I'll save that for another post!)

I think "home" is family.  My husband and children and someday grandchildren.  If my parents moved away from the home they've lived in for the past 29 years, I'd be OK with that. Because seeing them is all I care about, not the house they live in.  Besides, since my mom remodeled her kitchen 18 years ago, I still don't know where anything is.

The wonderful thing about our beautiful Catholic faith is that no matter where you are, the Mass is also and it is the same in every Catholic church across the country, even world. It is the first thing I look for when we travel and plan a move, the church.  If they have Adoration, if they have Confession, if they have daily Mass. I have to admit one of the things I missed most when we were in Texas (for 3 months) was our church family. Seeing the same people every Sunday. In a city by the ocean, you rarely see the same people each Sunday.

I'm curious, what do you think? Given a choice, what would you do?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thankful Catching Up!

I've decided it's time to catch up on this long-neglected blog of mine! So much has happened and yet all is the same! We had some disappointing news in March and were not able to move. We took our home off the market. We ended up owing a ton of taxes and it just takes money to move and we are secure here. (tight and secure) We really had our hearts set on Arizona.  I couldn't even talk to anyone the first couple months without tearing up and getting all emotional about it. It took me time to work through it all.  To work through God's plan for us. It's funny, too, looking back, because we had prepared ourselves even emotionally to move and then when we couldn't move and had to stay, well, it was a whole new set of emotions! I can't even explain some things I've learned about myself.  I didn't think I'd get depressed about something really, in the big picture of life, that is so small.  I had to pull myself out of it.  After lent was over I'd stopped going to daily Mass, and all the extra devotions that I'd done during lent were done. I was dry. And disappointed. And sad. Only God can heal those things. So I started going back to daily Mass as much as I could and started another 54 day rosary novena and before I knew it, I was back to normal.  Happy to be wherever God wants us to be.
(and still dreaming of Arizona)

By June, the 3 oldest kids were in a play and that involved daily play practice and lots of ways for me to keep busy and preoccupy my sadness. The kids were in the play "Brigadoon" (our homeschool theatre group)

Rosie's solo part right here, Kind of hard to hear, but she did wonderful!


Jedi has a fun love song here and if you watch the whole play on YouTube you can see his other solo song, it's a really fun one! (YouTube version below)

The kids made new friends and so did I! I am so very Thankful for our wonderful Homeschool Theatre and feel so very blessed we were still here in Minnesota to experience it!

 Thankful for my sweet new 10 year old! 10 is such a fun age, she's growing up and at the same time holding onto her childhood play.
 We had a simple birthday party painting birdhouses and having ice cream sundaes after lunch!
 Thankful for summer parades for our unicyclists!  It's such a fun thing to do in the summer.
Thankful for our newest unicyclist!
 Thankful for sidewalk chalk and kiddos that still love to play with it! These 2 littles bring so much joy to my life!

 Thankful for summer campfires that must include s'mores!

 Thankful for stories on the porch
 all summer long!
Thankful for breakfast on the porch, all summer long also!

Thankful for my porch! I love everything on the porch! My husband loves the air conditioning so I love to go to the porch to warm up! I also love to do my morning prayers there and whenever anyone comes over I ask, "Would you like to sit on the porch?"
 So Thankful it's summer and we can spend so much time outside!
 Thankful for my backyard view! Want to know what I'm watching here?
 These cutie pies!  OH, my! Thankful for little $9.99 blow-up pools and water from the hose!
Watch this next video, so so cute!

Thankful for joy-filled laughter and pure JOY.

Pure JOY, I tell you, pure JOY!  Isn't this just the picture of happiness and SUMMER? (above)
Go ahead, click on the picture, see the joy!

 Thankful for cute little kiddos on the 4th of July sporting their red, white and blue for our country!

 Thankful the 4th of July means grilling pork chops and spending time together all day!
(after the parade of course)
 Yep, you guessed it, I'm on the porch here.
Thankful for our messy, loud and flawed life.  We are far from perfect, but our goal is holiness.
 Thankful for red, white and blue firework painting! This easy project turned out really nice!
(it was not night time, it was dark and raining out here!) (not that we wouldn't paint at night time because we would)

 Thankful for a brand new 14 year old! She's grown up so fast, I just can't believe it.
 Thankful for a "Lake Birthday" party with her friends, because her friend Lily has a mama
that's my friend! Sarah and I spent the whole day talking while the girls were in the water doing this:

 Thankful for non-photogenic kids.  Oh, my goodness.  "Pretend you are smelling the flower"
"Like this mama?" "No, OK you can really smell the flower, just smell the flower" "No" "That's not how to do it honey."
 "No, never mind, you don't have to smell the flower.  Or eat it."
 Let's just give that up and take a selfie!
 Thankful for sun tea!!  One of my very favorite things.  (to sip on the porch, of course)

Thankful for smart little boys that LOVE to do 1000 piece puzzles with their daddy!
I'm serious, he sits there so patiently and looks and looks.  He put at least 50 pieces in this puzzle.
(Daddy did the rest) Thankful for a wonderful husband that loves to do puzzles!
 Thankful for beautiful sun-kissed freckles on beautiful almost-12 year old girls
 SO very Thankful I got to see one of my very favorite people in the whole world!! SARAH!!  She used to live in Fargo, ND and we were able to drive to see each other a couple times a year, but last year, she moved away to Colorado.  We had not seen each other in almost 2 years!!
 Thankful this beautiful girl got to see her godmother!
Thankful for my beautiful mailbox this year. It was looking so nice until....

The dang deer ate all my morning glories.  NOT Thankful for the deer.  AT all. Not even a little.

 Thankful for vocation camps, theater camps, Sisters of Schoenstatt camps, Steubenville weekends, surprise overnight visits from cousins (above)
 Thankful we spent as much time here playing at the local wading pool, it's already closed for the summer.
 Thankful we were able to meet my cousin Kristin and her beautiful children at the wading pool a couple times!

Thankful my school room is back in order and hopefully we be ready for school in just a couple weeks! Speaking of school, Jedi is starting PSEO classes Monday at our local Community College! He also started a couple weeks ago working his first job! SO many things are going to change in our family this next year as he prepares to get his drivers license and saves for his own car! Thankful I still have him home for 2 more years.  Hug your kids extra, they grow SO fast.  The days are long, but the years are short, so very short.

If you are still here after this very long "catch up" post, thank you, may God bless you!  Thank you to the few ladies that emailed me with their loving concern, you are a gift. I hope to come back soon with my movie reviews!


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