Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holy Week Thoughts

In a spirit of prayer and reverence for our Lord, 
I will not have a Thankful link up this week, 
as it is the beginning of

Lacy has awesome ideas for your palms!

I've always loved Palm Sunday.
I think our souls need Holy Week.

Don't you feel the soul yearning for more?

If you are like me, 
maybe your lent did not go as planned.
Maybe you were distracted
and couldn't handle doing the things you planned.


We still have Holy Week
The week that changed the world.
The week filled with special days
The week YOUR soul and MY soul are yearning for

 I have a special devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Mary's heart is united with The Sacred Heart of Jesus,
and quite often pictured as this.
A friend shared with me the other day, 
that one day when she was praying
(we were talking about struggles and hard things in life)
she looked up, and if you look at Mary's Immaculate Heart,
yes, it's pierced, but there are flowers blooming out of it!! 

That's Easter.
We get Easter all the time if you look at it that way.
The flowers will be there at the end of our struggling
or maybe they will be there along the way 
just to keep you going.

Holy week, 
The week that changed the world.

Look for those flowers along the way,
or find them at the end, on Easter.

Let your soul have Holy week.
Jesus will make all things new.

"The former things have passed away...Behold, I make all things new."
(Rev 21:4-5)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life Link-up

Thankful, I finally figured out how to write on photos...
It took me an hour to do this thingy on my sidebar 
and the above picture.
  I still don't think it will link to these 
link up posts.
Thankful I made some progress though!
(and those words are so small)

 Thankful for mornings off to play a little Cataan!!
 The game is a little tricky at first, but once you get the gist of it, 
it's a lot of fun.
Beware though, if you have child induced ADD, like me,
the game can go on FOREVER
(kind of like Monopoly does)
And it will drive you nuts!
 Thankful when I hit Sam's Club last week, 
they were giving samples of this mix:

European cucumbers
Sweet multi colored mini peppers
Zima grape tomatoes
Kumatoes (European tomatoes)
(they are brown but really good)

I added zucchini to my mix at home
Salt and pepper to taste

That's it, no dressing, just veggie salad!
It was really yummy!

 Thankful for this little puzzle boy!
He really loves this puzzle and does it 53 times a day
 48 pieces!!
Best dollar store find yet!
OK, my dishes were a pretty dang good find too.
 Thankful I got the Frozen CD, 
well worth the 11 bucks at Wal-mart.
Seriously, they play it all day long.

"Do you want to build a snowman?  Ohhhh Kay bye"
 Thankful for Saturday morning mopping time
He has a blast with the chairs in the living room!
Thankful he wanted to know if this was a sign....
 Thankful Tom and I spent Sunday afternoon by the little lake in town
It was a beautiful day, but looks weird because the lake is still frozen!
 Thankful we can see our mailbox!!
 Thankful we have a place to put all the STINKY boots!!
Oh, my gosh, the kids have gotten them wet, wore them with barefeet and 
completely ruined them.
So bad, they stink up the whole house!
(they are going in the garbage!)
 Thankful for this......Yep, still got that doll!
 Thankful for girls not afraid to get dirty 
and little boys loving playing outside ALL DAY!!
 Spring, Thankful for Spring!!
 for ice cream on the porch!

 and good friends to share it with!
 Thankful for sidewalk chalk!
I told the girls they couldn't take it out til all the snow was melted
 Thankful I got this shot of the kids yesterday!!
I totally love it!
It shows the busy-ness of our lives, none of them are looking
but all are having fun!
(We hit 70 degrees yesterday!)

God bless you all
Have a great weekend!

A song to get you through the rest of the week,
Oh, how I've needed this song this week....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

 Weighing in with Margaret this week
but not in the I'm losing weight way.
Maybe that will happen sometime
but I want to weigh in on a few things on my mind.
Margaret asked what habit would I change...
It would be
 to be able to go to bed early and get up early
(So I could workout, so I could really weigh in--haha)

The above saying now and why I pictured it.
Gosh I love that.
It is exactly how I feel about being over 40.
I love it.
Although, there are sad things when a woman reaches 
a certain age, like giving away the baby items and clothes 
that her 6 children have used, 
and she wonders if there will be just one more.
There are many things that are really good.

Like I know what I like, what I want to do and what I don't want to do.
I also know what I can do, and there is a huge difference.

I know I am not going to start coloring my hair

I'm proud of my gray hairs
( and only pull them out if one is boinging up)
My mom still colors her hair.
It just seems like too much work to me (and money)

I love being the age I am always.


AND I am strong and invincible and I am WOMAN
Wait, that's a song:


 I thought this was really funny.

We are a funny race, huh?
Taking selfies all the time.

 I really want to do this with my kids, 
Have them all look out the window and make this face...

 I always think of this when I see these too...silly people.

 I really want to make this for my kitchen window.  
Anyone have extra pieces of wood laying around?
 I want to remember to do this on Easter!!
I hope it works.
If it doesn't,
 I'm going to try that blow thing...where you crack the bottom and the top
and blow the egg right out.
 I keep forgetting to show this.
My favorite line in the whole season finale, wasn't it one of those 
"Awwwwwww" moments?

 I think this is one of my all time favorite movies.

I found live online Adoration 
People come and go and their heads get a little distracting, but not too much.
I love to say my morning prayers with Jesus
(I enlarge the screen)

So, my weighing in is probably not what Margaret was thinking when she 
posted, but it's just weighing in on things on my mind!

Hoping to do a post on cutting back, decluttering and planning a move.
Any interest in that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life Link-up

 Thankful for so many things
Even through the muck of everyday ups and downs

 Thankful for the mama fox in our yard.
I keep the kids away from her den though.
She sat and watched us looking at her in the window....
Isn't she beautiful?
 Thankful for what we call "Grandma's feather bed"
We have 4 kids in here, sharing 2 double beds.
(Little Red just joined them...poor boy)
(Oh, shush, he just sleeps here)

 Look at that dresser.
One of the nicest ones we have 
and one girl decided to (years ago)
sit on the drawer, as a bench.
Yes, it did break
Our fix?
I painted a piece of wood...we are going to nail it over the hole.
Please tell me these kind of things happen in your house too...
 Thankful for Holy Heroes, and that at least one of my children likes to watch their videos!
Thankful for my little puzzle man
He can do 60 and even 100 piece puzzles
(100 with help)
 Thankful for under 10 bucks,
 I recovered this dressing table bench!
My 9 year old picked the material, isn't it cute?
 Thankful for sweet 4 year olds, full of kisses and hugs and screams.
She is all cuteness wrapped up in a tiny body

 Thankful my plant continues to bloom and bring spring to my kitchen!
 And we need to mow the lawn!
 Thankful for my blooming spring cactus!
(it might be a sign for Phoenix?)
 Thankful for toddlers that undress 
themselves (anywhere, anyplace, any time he wants to)
because this will come in handy, right?

Thankful for this sweet girl, she is just dying for mud...
looks like she found a little.

 These girls can't wait for the snow to get off the trampoline.
(why, yes, we did leave it out all winter)
They've been shoveling it off and trying to get it off
(this is a very big, heavy, hard chunk of ice)
 Thankful for sweet as pie
 Thankful for our racetrack built right into our home.
He starts at the living room, (where I am taking this picture)
runs to the office and back
157 times per day.
 Thankful for toddler antics.
The only reason he even is holding this particular baby 
is because his older sister wants it.
He held it all morning so she couldn't play with it.

And she only wanted this particular baby 
even though we have 26 other ones that look very similar to this one.
Thankful for muffins in the morning
(pumpkin chocolate chip)

Thankful my 2 youngest girls can sing all the songs from the movie 
Of course, since we live in Minnesota
and are expecting 8-12 inches tonite, 
they love the snowman one best.
They've seen it in video 4 times
(well worth the $16 deal I got at Sam's Club)
They also have all the lines memorized.

 Since we are looking at moving to San Antonio
or Phoenix, Arizona

I thought you'd enjoy this song!

Classic, huh?

Linking up with Margaret for her Weigh in Wednesday
(I'm not weighing in by actually "weighing in")
I'm going to weigh in on the fact that I'm still
trying to lose this accumulated baby weight
and still trying to work out when I get a chance.
this week on the treadmill
 (I made it there twice)
I'm Thankful  that 
My favorite song to walk to was:
(off my i-pod)

(please excuse the meaning of the video)
I had to watch it 3 times to get it.

I'm Thankful for Backstreet Boys songs,
they get me moving!!


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