Thursday, July 17, 2014

What a Difference!

wet and muddy
(I couldn't keep them by the door like in April, they just want to go out)
Lush, green grass, trees and flowers everywhere

lonely, ugly mailbox
 beautiful mailbox
(and new too)
You know how I love mailboxes!
 white, pastey kiddos

 somewhat tanned kiddos
(it's been a cool summer)

 right before she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
(down about 6 lbs from the next photo)
Toothless, happy and 6 lbs up from April!
She's doing great by the way!
My baby
OK, he's still my baby,
 but he's really really fast.
He might not be tanner, but he's blonder!

OK, this was not April, but today
Long beautiful hair
Short beautiful hair!
She donated her hair (for the 4th time)
She got 16 inches cut off!!

Enjoying July
How about you?

Monday, July 14, 2014

2 Year Old Antics

He is officially banned from swimming pools.
He thinks he can just swim without holding on to mama
(or wearing a lifejacket)
(he might also be banned from parades--he likes to run all over the place, including people's porches and backyards, anywhere, except on the side of the road watching the parade)

So we got a little blow up one for the backyard
He is so funny outside!
Forget about swimming or getting wet, he just wants to aim the sprayer and shoot it
"Hey, where's the water?"

He was screaming here!
And yelling a bunch of gibberish, about not having the water on.


Then, he did this!
 "Now it should work"
This is serious business folks.
All he needs is water (to spray)
and he's happy.  He could do this for hours. 

Treasuring every moment.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Finished Tees!

 They wore the finished products on July 5th
 because we wore our Pro-Life Tees on the 4th!
(for the parade)

Kids Pro-Life Club Tees

The tee idea was found 

 This one turned out great!  
I want to make some more of these!
Instructions HERE

(I have what I did in the comments)
 "Let me close my mouth and smile"
(That's for you Christine, the kids say it all the time just for you)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Fun!

 First up, my 4th of July icy drink
(Sugar free by the way)

Frozen Strawberries
Diet 7-up
1-2 packets Sweet-N-Low if you want it sweeter

Blend in blender!

That's it!
I made this up when I was 18
(I am the original maker upper of this recipe)
 (old picture from years past)
 I found this picture somewhere on the internet, isn't it cute?
I have 4 girls
Do you think ANY ONE of them will let me do this to their hair?
 Onto easy crafts
Now, remember if I'm showing it, it's easy.
You know that, right?

(Idea found HERE)
 You have straws and rubber bands, don't you?
Some red and blue paint

 Instant fun!!
OK, some turned out better than others

 Yes, she's still only 4 and yes, she has now lost her top 2 teeth!!
(last weekend!)
 Now onto easy finger painted flags
(found HERE)
This particular one looks like the power is coming out of her fingers
(I think that is what she intended, til I told her to add another stripe)
 What's a stripe?
 Oh, those lines I covered up....
We did Tees this year!
I got this idea 
 They were really really really easy, promise!

Just remember to put something inside your tees so the paint doesn't bleed through to the back
(I use old plastic placemats)

 Such a cute and fun idea!
The website showed using stencils for other seasons too
I think we will do pumpkins for Halloween and Christmas trees for Christmas!!
 But then, people will wonder why my kids are wearing dotty shirts all the time.

We also made a Captain America tie dye shirt for my oldest son
and now Tom wants one!
It turned out AWESOME!

(See how HERE)

I'll show the finished products another day
after I catch my
very busy 2 year old....oh, my it's been a busy busy summer so far....
We'll be at the parade tomorrow, 
if you are local, look for my unicyclist!!
(this was last week's parade)
And some of my other kiddos will be walking with the Pro-Life Kids Club


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Awesome Homeschooling Video!

I am seriously thinking of enrolling my oldest two this year. We have always used a little of Catholic Heritage Curriculum and Seton. (the "I watched this video 7 times a day was not me) Any High School Seton users out there? What are your opinions?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rosary Give-Away Winner!

 Look at how excited these two littles are to help!
We first mixed up the names...
 Then, put them back in the bowl...
 I told her to draw a name
(she then, told me that she doesn't know how to spell, so, 
she can't draw a name)

I explained that one a little better.
 Now, you are going to think this is rigged, aren't you?
Her being her goddaughter and one of my closest friends.
I promise, it was not rigged.
 As she said, "I can't even spell mama!"
I already know Christine only likes milk chocolate, 
so maybe we'll keep the dark chocolate for ourselves!
No, she'll share the dark chocolate with her family!

Congratulations Christine!! 

I'll be sending a package soon
(Or visiting you)

As an extra bonus, I have prayed for all of you!
Thank you for entering!
Thank you Barbara for the beautiful rosary!


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