Sunday, February 17, 2008

High Tech Pride

My wonderful husband taught me tonight how to post pictures and I feel so high tech, or maybe I feel so low tech, since I did not have a clue until now! I am very slow at it too! I have realized I do not have any pictures of just me. There are a couple with the kids, but I look so frazzled, curly, frizzy hair, bags under my eyes. How vain I am!! That is not what this is about!! I now need to learn how to unload my pictures off my digital camera. (my husband usually does this) I will get snapping! See how low tech I am?

I think I will have a new sin to confess, pride. A new kind of pride to me. Maybe this blog will be humbling and help me to work on those things I did not know existed in me?

(The picture is of my old garden, we've moved, but it helps me get through winter to look at green, lush pictures of things growing!)

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  1. Hey Jamie my sweet friend. You scared me with freaks out there and leaving my kids names and you put pictures out!! Pictures are ok?! Hey your kids are beautiful little souls. You should be proud.


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