Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Picture Or Not To Picture

That is the question. After posting pictures of the children, and thinking about it for a few days, we've (my husband) decided to not post pictures of them. It is a hard thing, is it dangerous? Does it put them at risk for any wierdo to do something? I guess, I've used the motto quite often "when in doubt, don't!" Maybe after knowing more facts, talking with people, maybe we will do it again, I don't know.
I do know, I personally like the blogs with pictures. I am a visual person. I buy bright colorful books for school. We do bright art projects. I have painted my house cheery colors. I am drawn to pictures and colorful things. SO, does that mean no one will like my blog? Does it matter? Who am I doing this blog for? Myself? Others? I guess, a little of both.

Maybe this blog is not a scrapbook, maybe it's a journal. Maybe it will change as our lives change.
Maybe it will bore anyone who comes here. Maybe that does not matter. Maybe it does.
Pride. Pride. Pride.
These are things I guess I need to think and pray about.
God help me. Help me to know what is right for my husband, my children. Help me Lord to always do your will, not mine.


  1. I love your header. I couldnt figure mine out!

    I did like seeing pictures of your beautiful children, however, nothing like a mothers instincts.

    Who knows why we are blogging. Like you said, if it gets dumb- on to better and bigger things. I often seem drawn to blogging stuff and thinking way too much about it. I wonder about that.

    You could do like Margaret. She had her kids out in the snow but you couldnt see their faces.

    God Bless

  2. It's a sad world when looking at beautiful children can be a danger. But I totally respect your decision-one can't be too careful. I sure will continue to read your blog, pics or no. I love your great attitude and your spirituality encourages me in my walk with God. Thanks

  3. We are the same way! I am still hoping hubby will loosen up and let try it. We don't have real names or addresses on our site, so what could it hurt? We are still debating it :(


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