Friday, February 22, 2008

What I have been doing

Painting, painting, painting. 3 nights until 2:30am and one night until 4:30am and I am done, for now!! When you have 4 children ages 7 and under, the best time to paint is after 9pm. I love seeing their faces in the morning after it is finished. They are almost as excited as I am! We moved to this home last September and now after painting a bathroom, the hallway, part of the entry, the dining room and kitchen, they finally feel like ours!! I love painting. Rooms, that is. I also painted the girls' room pink, a very bright pink, back in October, but it is already scratched and scuffed in many places. Next to paint, is the entry way, the living room, my husbands office and our bedroom. Did I mention I love painting? I love to change things. Rooms, myself. I am constantly working on things within myself. Hopefully for the better. The hard thing is I am never done with myself. Maybe that is why I like changing rooms, I can actually finish something. A sense of accomplishment.

Lord, help me to work on changing those things You want to change in me. Help me to see those things that need changing. Lord, make me a saint!


  1. Jamie, I am so impressed! Staying up so late to paint. How did you function the next day? With all the little ones? You must have boundless energy. I love your new banner with your babies looking out. What a great compromise to your concerns. The rooms look great and frest. Nerm (Cynde)

  2. Nermal says Oops I forgot to say thanks tons for linking to us. We will return the favor. :-)

  3. Jamie --I love the green. I think I have 3 rooms that are green! I know there are cooler names then green like --morning moss. But green is a lot easier for me to say.
    I admire your get up and go. You can do anything you put your mind to.

  4. Oh Jamie, I loved how you tie in your spiritual growth with this post! It's true--we are much harder to change than the walls of a room. We keep working at it, though, don't we?

    Well, your house looks very pretty. (As are you, both inside and out.)


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