Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Robin!

We saw our first robin today!! Although our picture on the top was not as clear as the one on the bottom,(taken off the internet) and the background was snow in our picture, we still saw one!! Spring is here! The kids were SO excited! We are off to the backyard now to find more signs of Spring!
Click on the top picture, you can see her a little better!


  1. Yup we saw our first Robin also. Isnt spring wonderful. Along with new life.

  2. Actually I was so overcome with Spring, I rushed out and bought bedding flowers. I didn't plant them yet, but a couple of them have succumbed to the nightly cold. I left them on my patio table hoping by being off the ground, they would not be hurt. Alas, not so. It's hard to wait, isn't it? Nerm

  3. Jamie-about linking someone: here's the way I do it.
    Example: type your sentence and type the name like Elizabeth. then swipe it with your mouse to highlight it. Then go up in the comment tool bar to the link symbol. Fill in the actual http: address. When you press "save" Elizabeth will be highlighted and become the link to the blog site.
    Hope this helps. You can practice on me if you like. Nerm

  4. Yesterday I was praying my rosary, facing the window. We were having a horrible rain, all wind and rain. Anyway, there in the tree right outside my window a robin sat. He puffed himself all up and sat there in that horrible weather for the entire time I was praying.
    Robins are so fascinating! I counldn't help but think of The Secret Garden and Mary's Robin friend.

  5. Oh! I just had to tell you I love the picture of your kids up at the top. Just simply beautiful, especially the scapular poking out from her hair. You have a lovely blog.


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