Thursday, March 27, 2008

Great Movie!!!

My husband and I watched this movie last night and I loved it!! I was pleasantly surprised there was nothing too offensive, no sex, except I guess it was insinuated a little. (in a guy teasing kind of way) Hilarious, I laughed so hard, I was tearing up!
Let me know what you thought, if you have seen this!


  1. Yah - Jamie I did it!!!! Thanks for the info. You are a fast learner - me - too much Diet pop - my brain cells are melted!

    Lets plan a tea party -- dresses too! (boys can serve us hee hee!)no we won't zachandjonah

    (boys were watching me)

  2. Thanks for recommending a good show -I wil (shoot just remembered my movie is due tonight by 7pm and it is 630pm right now)maybe I should look into netflex!

  3. Hey, Jamie, thanks for the nice comments. Let me make this skirt first and then I'll report back to you, how 'bout that? Glad you and Christine are excelling in linking now. Nerm

  4. We love Steve Carrell. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to add it to our list. I love your blog! I found it from Margaret in MN.

  5. Hubby & I just watched this too, and liked it. It was so funny! :)

  6. Oh good! I will nbump this up in my rental list! Thanks for the heads up!


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