Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Craft Wall

This is our March craft wall, in our school room. Isn't it beautiful? So cheery and green!! Please keep reading, there are 4 more craft posts. Next time I will try to do it better and put them all on the same post, I'm still new at this blogging thing, be patient with me, please!!


  1. For someone who's new to blogging you sure do a good job. Personally I like having separate craft posts - easier for me to be organized!

  2. Jamie! Ask and you shall recieve! Thanks for all the ideas. The stand up cross is my favorite! We are having spring break here in a couple weeks and I will do some of these fun ideas! And like Paula in MN said -- you do a great job at this blogging!

    Keep posting crafts!

  3. Jamie, you are so talented! These are great ideas! I love doing crafts with kids. Now I do them with my grandkids. Such good visuals for kids to understand Lent and Easter. You are amazing!


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