Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Minnesota March

As much as we want Spring to come, we have to admit, it is beautiful when it snows in March in Minnesota. It is the perfect snowman making snow!! It looks as if God painted our world with marshmallow cream. How can anyone look at that picture and not think of God and how Big He is?
Meet Frosty and Snowflake. Not very original I'm afraid! But you can see even they are excited for Spring to come, which is why Snowflake is holding his watering can! Since the temps are around 40 today, within 20 minutes of coming inside, poor Snowflake started looking down and then he lost his eye and nose. When we got back from dance this afternoon, he lost his head and tummy. (those are birdseeds on their heads!)
This is our Irish Brown Bread we made yesterday. It was delicious. It had a crunchy outer layer and dense inside. It was also very easy to make! You can get the recipe on my kitchen blog http://jamieskitchenblessings.blogspot.com/ I also posted my green bread recipe there today.

Our green meal for St Patrick's day. Green bread (pistachio sweet bread), broccoli w/dip, green parmesan noodles, kiwi, cheese sticks and key-lime pie yogurt, eaten on green plates, in our green kitchen wearing our green clothes!


  1. Jamie, I'm so sorry to hear about Katie's decision, but you are right about not giving up. We will continue praying until the very last minute. On a happier note, I am very impressed with your imaginative St Patrick's dinner.
    Bet it was fun. Nerm

  2. Oh if I could I would be your daughter. You are one fun mama. I am so glad you take those kiddos outside. I am an outside person also. Brian and I are already planning our camping sites. I just just cant WAIT!! Hiking, swimming, and biking here we come!

  3. I love the watering can! It does give a 'spring' touch to a winter creation.

    Love the St. Patrick's Day ideas. That green bread looks good. I think the kids would get a kick out of that.

    We love being outside too. I feel like it's a 'must' every day. Not that I think of it as a chore or anything, but I just feel like we need outside time every day. Here it rains a LOT, so sometimes I just have to back the cars out of the garage and let them ride bikes in the garage with the garage doors open. It at least sort of feels like we're out there!

  4. What a lot of fun you are having lately! Can I come be a kid at your house?

    Have a blessed Holy Week!


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