Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Curtains!

Picture these new curtains with white paint instead of the blue...yes, more painting to come! Ballerina Rosie was very excited for me to sew these curtains today...Don't look too close, I'm not a super sewer like Nerm but they look ok and the kids were pretty excited! I love light, and bright windows, but not at the front door. I did not like that people could come to the door and look right in. The old curtains actually look pretty good in the pictures, but they were old and stained. These are bright and colorful. My husband did not like this fabric, nor did Jedi, but us girls out number the boys and we liked it!!

Before and after


  1. I dislike windows by any door for the same reasons. Love the curtains!

  2. Oh Yah - get that paint on soon! Green and blue - super clash! hee hee just kidding - man you are one super duper worker! Also women out number the men in that house so your vote wins - (all the time?)

    I second it - I like it too!

    We had a long window at our last house and the kids were putting their fingers, lips, forheads etc.. on it all the time. It was always dirty.

  3. I love green and wood fresh! Love your comment on the blog..I responded.
    We did a Lego party for our son one year and it was great! Nothing better than Lego!

  4. Aw, shucks! You made me blush. But I have been sewing since I was about 12 yrs old. I've made a peck of curtains in my day. I love to sew-I love fabric. But you are too sweet. I am actually getting ready to make kitchen cafe curtains for my daughter Amy. I love your green print fabric-it really cheers up the entrance way. With a newly painted wall, it'll be great! Blessings fro Nerm

  5. Cute new curtains! You are a woman of many talents.
    Just being that a little holy water font next to the door?

  6. Yes Jill, it is a holy water font, but it is almost always dried up!! I can't keep up!


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