Friday, March 14, 2008

What We're Listening to

Crystal Gayle!! Whatever happened to her? Did she cut her hair? Growing up, my dad had all, literally all, her albums. He still does. Although, I don't think he listens to her anymore. But I do! The kids have been dancing this morning to her songs. This is the CD that I have. Really, my dad had all her albums and us kids knew her songs all by heart!! It's amazing how even though it's been years since listening to these, I still know all the words. I used to hold something and pretend it was my microphone and sing and dance to these.

To be fair, we will listen to my mom's favorite tomorrow...can you guess?

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  1. Hi Jamie, I've got the answers to all your Crystal Gayle questions!
    Living in Nashville, "Music City, USA", we are surrounded by celebs.
    Anyway Crystal still does personal appearances, but she owns and runs a very expensive, upscale jewelry/gift shop here. It's called "Crystal's" and has lots of crystal in it. Any country music questions, ask us. ha Nerm


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