Sunday, April 6, 2008

2 Good Rentals

I'm no expert in movie rentals, but I did work in a video store when I was younger and the customers loved my opinion and always came back to me. I had my regulars! Anyway, over the last couple weeks, we have seen these two movies and they were both really good. August Rush, was very unrealistic, but good. I think the soundtrack has got to be beautiful, there was a lot of beautiful music in this movie!
I love John Cusack for some reason. I think it is his voice in the children's movie Anastasia. Maybe it is that movie, The Sure Thing, which I'm pretty sure I would not like now, but I did at one time! Anyway, the movie is really good. It does show a very unrealistic view of adoption and what happens afterward with the social workers and state people. But it is realistic to show some of the things troubled, waiting children go through. (We had a waiting child, an 11 old girl with us for 6 months about 9 years ago) This movie also starred his sister in real life and in the movie, Joan Cusack. It was fun to see them acting together, I'm sure it was fun for them!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations!! We usually stop by the store on Sundays to pick up a video, but couldn't think of any to watch this week! We'll have to check these out.

  2. My husband & I are both fans of John Cusack. Earlier in the year, he brought home the movie Say Anything. I think he forgot that we're on the 'let's get rid of things we don't want our kids to watch' track. We watched it - and yes, it's not what we'd want our kids to watch. So, it'll go out the door eventually.

    I'll have to let him know your recommendations - we're always looking for good drama & 'non-stupid' humor. I thought August Rush looked good, too.


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