Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Caterpillars and Butterflies!

Our butterfly theme has started!! Thanks to Jessica
we decided to do caterpillars and butterflies for the next couple weeks. We started a lap book, but it's not finished, so we will show it later!

We have quite a few books already, just off our shelves.

Of course there are so many projects and crafts, here's Mary's.

Here's mine! Yes, I love doing the crafts too!
Here's Ballerina Rosie making hers. Babycakes is stamping butterflies in the background. Jedi wants to start a "bird" theme. (and make a bird lapbook) He loves birds, always has...this will be next, I can only handle one theme at a time!
These were our breakfast yesterday morning, cinnamon caterpillars: canned cinnamon rolls, twisted and frosting tinted green, add licorice antennas and mini choc chip eyes!


  1. cute butterflies!
    fyi: to leave the comment thank you thingy above the comment box when you sign in go to settings, click on comments, about halfway down the screen will be an empty box and to the left of that it will say comment form message. type what you want shown on the blog in the empty box. once done be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'save settings'

  2. Thanks Regina! I will have to try it later!

  3. You have so much fun. Blessings abound - happy happy home. Fun color. So neat to see what you do everyday. Ba hum bug to people who think homeschooling is not cool!!

  4. Aaahhh! What cute pictures!

    Thanks for the link! And thank you also for all the wonderful ideas!

  5. Jamie, you are the BEST mom! What creativity and enthusiasm. Your kids will grow up having such happy memories of these times. I sure enjoy looking at their work. Good job, y'all. Nerm


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