Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feast of St George and the Dragon!

He's such a cute dragon! We spent our St George day with Christine and her son Jonathon. I used candy coated little kisses for the toenails, aren't they cute? I made a similar dinosaur cake once for one of Jedi's birthdays. The kids loved cutting their own cakes with their "swords"!
I have enjoyed seeing all the different cakes out there today, how fun for all those kids!
Thank you Christine for a lovely time today and for taking pictures for me!
Christine brought dragon teeth (string cheese) and dragon hearts (strawberries). The kids said the fish sticks were dragon mouths and the salad was dragon brains, (or maybe that was Christine who said that!) It was beautiful here in MN today and we enjoyed the outdoors all afternoon. After Christine and Jonathon left, (and Babycakes woke up) we went pick up my camera, yes, it was fixable and only cost $25 total, which is much cheaper than buying a new camera!! I was very happy, am very happy to have my camera back! We then went to a park and played until supper time. There is snow in our MN forecast for Friday, so we are not putting our boots away yet!



    I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Happy Feast of St. George!

  2. It looks great! It is so hard to make frosting look ferocious!

  3. Thanks again Jamie for hosting. I really enjoyed visiting. And for giving me food for Zach.

    You are a true friend in Christ. I love being in your home. So nice and clean compared to my house construction mess!

    So nice to hold babycakes. She is so sweet! Gotta love those baby cheeks!

  4. Forgot to say: YIPPEE---good news about the camera! SO happy for you.


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