Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OK, I Admit It!

We don't watch much tv, but we love to watch American Idol! We watch every week and we have our favorites. My hubbys favorite lost last week. Mine are still on and I am betting they will be the final 3!
We did not see the first season, but have watched every year since. I think Ryan is so cool, Randy is very real, Simon, not very nice, blunt and truthful, people follow what he says, I think people vote according to what he says and Paula, she is just lovely. (that is my new word) I loved her songs, yes, back in the 80's and she has a new one out I like it too.
My favorites are David Cook, Brooke White and David Archuletta. David Cook is the underdog, (in my eyes) I did not like him at first, but have loved him probably for the past 8 weeks at least. If you watch, who are your favorites?
Yesterday, when Paula was coming to our house, my little Rosie Ballerina said "Paula!! From American Idol?" She says she was kidding, but it was pretty funny at the time!


  1. Straight up now, tell me....I'm better than Paula Abdul!

  2. I've never watched it, but my cousin posts about it often, and I think you two have the same 3 favorites!

    I love using the word lovely too... I use it A LOT!! :)

    That is so cute what your daughter said!

  3. Yes, you are Paula, Straight up now! :)

  4. We used to be watchers as well. (We don't have TV here in Europe). :)
    Oh, and I use the word lovely all of the time! The English people we know here use it, so I feel like I fit in. Ha Ha!

  5. paula abdul is a nut job. does anything she say ever make sense? i suppose i am just a cold hearted snake. look into my eyes...
    i liked jason but am liking him less and less. he went to texas a&m and so did i (for a bit) so i have to cheer on my aggie.
    i cant stand david a. all you can do is hear him breath.
    i didnt like david c. to start but about 4 wks ago he sang something that actually showed he can sing so i am liking him more.
    brooke is my favorite, more for personality than voice, though i do dig the carly simon thing.

  6. Sorry I cannot comment on the show. We don't watch it either. We watch America's Funniest Home videos on Sunday night as a family. Taped of course before hand so I can zoom through the commercials. Kids watch their cartoons on Sat. morning and then some movies.

    One show I miss is Fear Factor. I loved that show just because I have a huge fear of spiders.

    Let me know how to do videos!!! My blogging queen!


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