Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Out Like a Lion

This one done by Babycakes!
These done by Ballerina Rosie and Mary. Yes, they look more like Assumption pictures, but our printer is out of ink and it's all we had enough of, beside it shows Jesus as a baby in her womb, that is what they were looking for!

Today, here in MN, as you have heard from others
It snowed here, alot! All day actually. I was not as happy as Christine
in fact, I was pretty crabby...so, we watched The Bee Movie (I thought it was pretty cute) and sulked in the house. I am refusing to shovel or show any more pictures of the snow. It is April, so March went out like a lion, and hopefully April will come in like a lamb...it is expected to be around 50 degrees by Friday! We did make these Lion snacks, the top picture is the way they are supposed to look, but the picture below is made for my picky girls, who do not like coconut or raisons, so we substituted choc chips and yellow marshmallows! Tomorrow we will make lambs!
(these are peanut butter on rice cakes with toppings of choice)

April showers bring May flowers, what does June bring?
Joke by Jedi age 8
answer in comment box!


  1. The children's art work is beautiful and I just love the snacks! I'm so sorry that you are getting so much snow. I hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. Ok - you can now stop being the coolest mom on the planet. Another reason why I love this blogging stuff - to learn how to be cool like you!! Cheer up - looks like 50's by the weekend!!


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