Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow—OFFICIAL VIDEO

New Paula Abdul Song!


  1. Okay, so I finally watched the show last night. What was wrong with her? They each performed one song, and she starts telling the first contestant about both of his performances. Very odd. I like David C - kind of a "rocker".

  2. Yes, last night was not so hot...all the performers did not do so hot the first round, but the 2nd round they were better except for Jason, he has to go next. I think both he and David Archuletta are so cute and such nice kids (from a mothers point of view)

    Not sure what was up with her, except she makes mistakes, she is human, that's what I like about her. She was confused they don't usually comment in that way, it made Simon's comment perfect though, "Jason's performance was forgetable!"

  3. Too funny! I remember having a tape of hers when I was 13! I mostly listen to country music, but I like dance/pop too sometimes.


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