Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Simply Lovely Windows

Paula is hosting this lovely fair and I am joining in, because I was kind of challenged by her and I cannot skip a challenge! I am not very creative in the writing department, so I hope this is acceptable!
I chose this window because literally every time I walk by or sit here and look outside, I am amazed by God's goodness. He found us this amazing home that fits our family perfect. I love the country, but my dear hubby loves the city. We recently moved from a more country setting (I thought) back into town. We needed a bigger home, we had around 1300 square feet in our older home and all 4 children were in the same small bedroom, we had wall to wall furniture and toys and there was no place for the clutter to go. No closet space, no storage and not many cupboards.
We looked into adding on, but it was just too costly and not worth the hastle, since it was a buyers market, we decided (my husband) to move. I knew we had to, I agreed to, but was sad about it. I liked our neighbors, I liked our country view in the front. (we had a section of woods across the street from us, so our front view was woods!) The lots were all pretty close to 1 acre lots, but the housing development was a couple miles out of a small town. I don't know, I just loved it there.
We found this house, made an offer, and listed our home and sold it in 8 days!! (at the end of our St Joseph novena, of course) Our new house is much bigger. (at 3300 square feet)
My city boy husband informed me after driving by a home I picked out in the country with 4 acres, that "We will NEVER live in the country." So...sad as I was, we moved here and how wrong I was!!
We have this neighborhood looking home in the front, but the back windows and yard are all country! We have huge hills behind our home great for sledding in the winter, climbing all year round and hopefully great for picnics in the Summer. With a view that is breathtaking. (I will post a picture of that another time) Kiddie corner from our land there is a beautiful graveyard buffered by a patch of woods. We love to take walks around the graveyard and pray for the souls there. The oldest grave we found was 1865. The graves closest to our land are mostly babies. (so sad)
We have seen deer many times within 10-15 feet from this window. We have seen squirrels, (of course)red squirrels, chipmunks, foxes and many kinds of birds. We love to watch birds. One neighbor said they have seen an oposum, so we are looking for that now.
That is why every time I walk by this beautiful window in this "city home" I am amazed by God's goodness and blessings. I actually think to myself every time I walk by or sit there "thank you God for this beautiful home!" "We are SO blessed." Maybe this should be called my "Thanksgiving Window." It's where I count my blessings. Blessings of faith, a wonderful husband, children, wonderful neighbors, (who pray rosaries with me) and blessings of God's wonderful, beautiful nature for us to watch through this window. When we did decide to move here, I trusted in God to put us in the right place and am amazed at what happens when we just trust. Trust as He asks us to do.
Jesus, I trust in You. I place all my worries, thoughts and actions in Your hands. I trust You to take over. Thank You, Lord, for my lovely windows! Thank you Paula for hosting this fair of Simply Lovely Windows!
This dumb thing will not let me post paragraphs, it always just runs it all together, sorry to all who read, it's annoying, I know!


  1. What a beautiful post Jamie!! The St. Joseph novena is such a powerful one, isn't it!?! How could you not end up in the perfect home!!! Your window is truly lovely!! God Bless!

  2. Very nice, Jamie. And I LOVE your back yard!

  3. I agree with you Jamie you have been blessed. I love your backyard even if you have crazy rodents eating your bird seed all gone.

    I am amazed at all the wildlife you have.

    Best blessings of all those 4 precious souls.

  4. Yes, it is difficult to leave such a great neighborhood. But sometimes we need to make some sacrifices. Anyway, at least you still have a taste of the country in the city where you just moved. It's a great view that you have there outside your window. Those woods outside the yard do help to give you tranquility within the city life.


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