Tuesday, April 1, 2008

St John Bosco: Mission to Love

It was a long movie, I actually watched it over a few nights. It was a little slow, but so, so good. The movie makers did a super job of doing it right. I cried off and on, especially when St Dominic Savio died. St John Bosco is one of our favorite saints because we pray every night for him to surround the kids' beds with Angels and Saints and help them to dream happy dreams about Jesus. He received visions in his dreams, this is how God spoke to him. So that is why we ask his intercession. My husband used to work at a treatment home for children and he first became a favorite back then.
St John Bosco, pray for us!


  1. We LOVE this movie! It really is WONDERFUL! I just love all the great Catholic Movies that are being released!! :)

  2. I watched this movie not long ago and agree with your review -- worth the time.

    Each time I receive an Ignatius Press catalog in the mail, I sit down at the computer and reserve some movies from our library. If they are not in the library catalog, I request them to purchase. St. John Bosco and St. Anthony the Miracle Worker are two they purchased at my request. I highly recommend it if your library takes requests. They are spending your tax money, you might as well get what you like!

  3. That's a great idea to pray for his intercession at night for your kids. We use St. Michael in that way. Our daughter has a particularly bad dream that is recurring - she and I will ask St. John Bosco for help next time.

  4. I would love to see this movie. I have read a lot about his dreams. Great ideas from the others moms - will have to look into the library and request more shows.

  5. We loved this movie so much!!!
    If you want,read my blog post(under saints tag) about what my son thought of it. (so proud) St. John Bosco is my patron Saint for the year! ;)


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