Friday, April 4, 2008

We Are SO Poor, Here in America

"Any country that accepts abortion is the poorest of the poor." -Mother Teresa

Many people have been asking me about Katie, the woman contemplating abortion. I admit, I was afraid to call my friend to find out for sure. I think I knew in my heart and it was easier to not know and just continue praying for her. Well, my friend T called today. Yes, Katie did have the abortion. Or the "early induction" as Abbott Northwestern Hospital in the Twin City area calls it. They induced her last Tuesday and she delivered a baby boy on Wednesday. (yes, they thought they were having a girl, but they were wrong, makes me wonder what else they were wrong about) Katie named him Brady. Little Brady was only in his mothers womb 18 weeks. The hospitals and doctors are so deceiving making her believe she was not prolonging the inevitable. Making her believe this was some kind of mercy (killing). May God have mercy on anyone in this situation who had anything at all to do with this decision. This is only one woman and her situation, what about all the others? We are a very poor country indeed, very, very poor. Thank you to any of you who prayed for Katie. I know your prayers did not go to waste. God will use them. He will make all things new.


  1. I wonder why people approach any life as if it weren't worth living. I'd have rather waited things out, because I have heard enough stories where the docs said to terminate because of some bad thing and the parents ignored the doc and the baby was fine; or, even in some cases where the baby did not make it as predicted, but the parents grew closer to each other and to God in the process. Even if I wasn't Catholic, I would always choose life. We can't know every little thing to choose otherwise.

    Thank you for posting this. WE should keep praying. I'm sure that there are others we can pray for - God knows who they are!

  2. I was in a turmoil after I heard the news. Then I talked to you and I just calmed down inside. Must be the rosary you said with your friend. So so sad. So sad.

    How can the sun still shine? Sometimes I feel so helpless and then I get so angry. I am mostly angry that people are like "no big deal".

    Thank you also for posting this.

  3. Thank you for the update, even though it was a sad one. My dear friend just lost her baby boy at 19 weeks and she is crushed. I can't help but compare the two situations. Both baby boys are loved.

  4. What a sad situation! And to think there are so many more-it's almost unbearable. Let us pray that God can bring good to this poor misguided woman and draw her nearer to Himself. Nerm


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