Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WoW: Weigh on Wednesday

The only problem with the towel theory is, I don't wear the towel! I am exactly the same as last week. For some, you might think, that's better than gaining, except I have been the exact same since July! My big problem this time in my life is TIME. Finding that time to exercise. My goal for this week is to walk or exercise 3 times. That's not a big goal, but somehow it's hard to attain! I love exercising. Really, I'm not very athletic, so aerobics was my thing! I also love walking. I love walking with my rosary and praying the rosary and chaplet while I walk. Other things in my life must change in order for me to meet this goal. Like not staying up SO late, and getting up earlier to exercise. Like not reading SO many blogs. I have become addicted to blog reading. There are SO many wonderful, strong, Catholic women out there and I love reading about your lives. I think about you all -all the time. Balance is always the key. I need to balance my life. Is God first? Are my husband and children getting the attention they need first? Am I taking care of myself? The only way to make sure is to pray, pray, pray. Constantly. Balance is a daily struggle with everything. Computer time, time with my husband, playing & reading with the kids, getting my duties done as wife and mother, like laundry, cooking and cleaning, eating right, exercising taking care of myself, both body and spirit.
I bought these 2 books about a month ago, about the time I started my blog, and all this blog reading. I have only gotten past the introductions on both. Yes, my life is kind of like my book reading. I am currently reading like 5 books, whatever I feel like reading is what I like to pick up. I am all over the place. Being pulled all different directions. I'm not scatterbrained, at least I don't think I am, just very good at (or not so good at) multi-tasking constantly.

I need my down time though. I am not a person to run, run all the time. Part of my down time is praying and reading. I find it ironic that I have not been able to find the time to read this book, because I am too busy!! So, this week, I am going to try to trim my blog reading. I am picking a few to read every day, just like I used to before starting this blog. The rest I am going to read when I can but not every day. I cannot leave comments everywhere I go, but know I am still reading. I love to comment, I love to talk. But silence is a virtue, and I need more virtues, I need this one! I need some silence in my life in order to hear God. I think we all do. This blog and blog reading have to add to my family in a good way not take away from us. If it takes away, then something needs to be changed. I have to change. There is always something to work on.

Lord, please help me to change those things that need changing. Please help me to work on my vocation as wife & mother. Help me to fulfill this vocation in the way that You want me to. Help me to find that balance that we so desperately need. Lord, Make me a Saint!


  1. Why does this sound so familiar? ;)
    Hey- you can cut my blog out this parents are here so I'm not posting too much... :)
    (Heck, you can cut out my blog forever if you want, but I do LOVE your sweet comments. You are fun to have as a reader!)
    Anyway, also wanted to say that I love your crafts and snacks as always. Adorable!!

  2. Thanks for inviting me to Mass today. I really needed it. I love your children and never ever think they are bothering me. When I had little ones I always wanted to be a mother that would help others out when mine got older!

    I totally understand your blog today. Every minute is precious and the computer can suck up so much time! I do love how we have become closer through blogging- you also have a great blog and I do enjoy reading yours!

  3. Lol! Love the picture!!!!!!

    So much of this post is EXACTLY how I feel and the same things I struggle with! Balance really is key, yet so hard at the same time.. I am much more sporadic!! (Like my crazy housecleaning a couple weeks ago!!)

    Thanks for posting! I do love your blog!

  4. Jamie, just want you to know I sure do understand. The computer is almost addictive. I love blogging and reading other's blogs. But if you need to skip us sometimes, I will certainly under- stand. I do love your sweet, encouraging comments tho. You just have so much on your plate and you must take care of what's really important, but don't forget about yourself too. Lots of luv-Nerm

  5. When my days get crazy, I know that blogging has to be the first thing to go. The nice thing about a blog is it will be there tomorrow, or the next day. Like your real-life good friends, you can always catch up later.

    Take care of you and yours!


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