Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ascension Thursday*May Day*Petition Thursday

In our area today is not a holy day of obligation, but it should be. We are going to celebrate it today and Sunday!!
Our May baskets for our neighbors and some friends. Candy, prayer cards of the Ascension and flower seed packets. The girls loved making these and they really turned out pretty!

Our plans today:

  • Color Ascension coloring sheets.
  • Deliver May Baskets.
  • Plant Marigold, Morning Glory and Grass seed in pots. (I am going to plant some Basil)
  • Make flower collages with bright flowers and stems.
  • Finger paint with blue and white paint on blue paper, symbolizing the sky and Jesus ascending up to heaven.
  • Do bubbles, bubbles going up, symbolizing Jesus going up.
  • Drink bubbly water, (same symbolization) in homemade flower cups.
  • Do all of this while watching my friends beautiful little 2 year old! :)

Today is Petition Thursday!!

Please leave any petitions you might have in my comment box and I will pray for you during my holy hour with our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament tonight! I only ask that you pray too!

I'm sorry if the Paula Abdul thing changes your image of me...I do like dance music, it makes me want to dance. It makes me happy. I mostly wanted to practice putting a Utube video on my blog and it fit the previous post! When listening to the radio, I always listen to our local christian radio, safe for little ears. I have grown to love christian music. When listening to CD's, I always listen to Classical or soft music that soothes us all! I actually deep down love country music, but it always brings me back to a place in my life where I do not want to be, so I cannot listen to it! I also failed to mention with 4 small children, rarely do I actually get to SIT and watch American Idol, it is NEVER quiet around here and if the TV is on, it is even LOUDER!! So, it is rarely on. I did not even see the results last night! (I did see on the computer though that my Ballerina Rosie's favorite, Brooke White, lost)


  1. Beautiful Jamie!! You are such an amazing Mom!! Your children are so blessed. I hope you have a wonderful feast of the Ascension! I feel bad that I am not going to be home to celebrate it with my kids, but my hubby has some plans. Have a wonderful weekend! God Bless!

  2. Happy Month of Mary!

    Happy May Day!

    Happy Feast of the Ascension!

    I love you, Jamie. :) May God bless you & yours this day, and may our beautiful blessed Mother be your constant intercessor this month and always.

    PS. Speaking of beautiful, your May Day baskets are lovely, just lovely.

  3. HI Jamie!

    Noelle and I are checking out your blog, and we love your ideas! Noelle told me, "Jamie always does fun things like that!" Exactly! :)

    Have a wonderful Feast of the Ascension and happy May day! I wish we could bring you a May basket. Yours are so beautiful!

    We were going to plant some seeds as well and do a flowery craft. I am going to steal your cone idea to stash our goodies in for our baskets!:) Love the Holy Cards, too.

    Take care and get over your cold - warmer days are ahead!

    Sarah and Noelle

  4. Your day looks great! We are doing a different coloring page ( and some cloud activities. We are saving Ascension Pancakes for Sunday. And who cares if you like to dance? The majority of the Psalms are for singing and dancing! I'll admit to always bopping around to "I'm Walking on Sunshine"!

  5. Wow! You are the most creative mom I know (aside from Sarah)! Where do you find the time to come up with the ideas, let alone the time to actually complete the craft?? I didn't grow up 'doing' May Day baskets (in fact, I hadn't heard of it until after I was married).

    Happy Ascension to you & your family!

    Please add a prayer of thanks for my ds NOT getting the chicken pox. Thanks you for your prayers the last few Thursdays.

  6. Ditto what everyone said about how creative you are. You are always full of activities here. Your May Baskets are simply beautiful. We did May baskets as I hate to even post a photo of our's. :)
    The bubble idea is great. In Europe the custom is to climb a mountain to symbolize the ascension. We didn't do a mountain...but we did do a nice long hike. And, thanks to the mud, I do have a mountain of laundry! (Sorry for the pun.)
    I love this blog!

  7. Jamie---such fun ideas. You should post 2 weeks early for people like me who need time! You were born to teach!

    Please pray for the unborn for me. For more conversions in my family.
    Thank you :)

  8. Jamie---when you ask a question like "girls night out" in my comment box do I leave an answer on my blog thinking you will read it or do I leave an answer on your blog. How do other bloggers do it?

  9. Your May baskets are so cute and what a wonderful idea!!

    I was going to print off my coloring page for the Ascension and I ran out of ink... so that shows you how prepared I was!!! Yikes.

  10. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! You are so smart, creative, sweet and dear! What a treasure of a mother are you? I loved the old-fashioned May Day baskets. And being a child of the 60's, let me tell you about music. I scandalize people too about loving music that isn't always "appropriate". I do love many kinds, inc. classical, but no country even if I live in Nashville-ha, ha! luv, Nerm

  11. Your ideas were so great, I was just not creative this week. We ended up playing outside on a rather nice day instead of making our may baskets. I was briefly told my kindergartner about Ascension Thurs. It got us talking about God's purpose for us, and God talking our earthly lives when our purpose is fulfilled. Mikayla asked how that applied to my miscarriages - what a thought provoker she is.

    You are right, it should've been a holy day of obligation. I kept rereading our church bulletin trying to find the times. (Missed you at the Spring Barn Dance - it was so much fun!)


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