Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Hand-made Childrens Rosaries!

We ordered this kit through Oriental Trading. It is a beautiful kit and very easy for the kids to make with only knotting supervision and counting for the littler ones. The kits were nice, but as you can see on Ballerina Rosie's rosary (above) the string was not long enough for all the knots for the last 2 decades. The others had enough string. Next time, I would not put so many knots, the beads fit over the knots anyway. They turned out really nice and so bright!


  1. Why do kids have all the fun? I'd love a rosary like that with bright colors. I know I'm a little over the top sometime, but they did a great job. Nerm

  2. As usual, you amaze me with all of the things you do with your kids! Great Ascension Day and May Day photos. Those rosaries are great as well. I may have to look into ordering some.

    Ok, way off topic...I notice your girls have bangs. When did you give them that 'cut?' Aslynn really doesn't like hair in her face. So, I'm thinking bangs might annoy her. But, it's a cute look. Just wondering...

  3. What a wonderful project for May!
    I really like all the colors.

    It is so nice today! Hope you are all enjoying the weather!

  4. What a great project!! You are always doing such fun things with your kiddos!! I love it!

    P.S. My boys LOVE playing stratego with their daddy too!

  5. What fun Jamie! I would love to do that! We will be looking into it! Thanks!

  6. You have got to be the best mom ever! You do so much with your kids and I love that you let your not even two year old finger paint. I teach toddlers at a preschool and always encourage the parents to do the same but usually I am told that it is too messy. So good job.


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