Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feast of the Blessed Trinity!

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three in One. Amazing Mystery of our faith. Today I am off to a Confirmation. I am a sponsor to another great teenager. I am bringing the Pentecost cake! I think I might make the teenager help me decorate it! (I'm so mean!)
I painted until 2:30 am after going to my childrens' music/dance practice and show yesterday and last night. It has been a very busy weekend!! I will post more tomorrow! Blessings to you all on this wonderful Feast!
In the meantime, we will try to do things in threes! 3 pieces of fruit, play eye-spy and look for 3 things. Play "name 3": Pick a room in your home and have each child think of 3 things that would/could be in that room and keep going with rooms and things! The kids love this game!


  1. You are getting things done! I would love to see what you are painting!

  2. What a fun game!

    I hope you had a Blessed Trinity Sunday!!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the Confirmation, and your cake! :)


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