Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Into The Wild

This picture (above) is the real Christopher McCandless. There was a roll of undeveloped film in his bag when they found him, this picture was on that roll. It would be interesting to see what else was on the roll.
We watched this movie sometime last week. It's a true story about a young man who left everything behind and went "into the wild". He did not tell anyone, he gave away all his money, car, left without a trace. He did keep a journal, which is how they were able to make this movie.
At first, we thought, what a selfish man he was, forcing his parents to worry, leaving his sister behind, leaving all responsibilities for a life in the wild. But after a while, probably an hour, it is revealed that he had an abusive childhood and as the viewer, you begin to at least understand why he was running away. This movie was slow going, but interesting. They did bring God into play towards the end, which made it at least worth it for me. There is nudity in the movie, not really sure why....there is no sex. They actually portrayed him as a very nice young man, just obviously troubled. I catch myself wondering what would have happened if he had made it out of the wild. I really liked Hal Holbrook's character, he was just a little lonely though. I would recommend this movie, but I like to look deeper into characters, which made it good for me. It makes me think about all the sad and hurting people out there and what they go through every day just emotionally.
What about you? Have you seen this movie? Did your like it? Why or why not?


  1. My dad and Sylvie saw this show and told me a little bit about it. From what they said...sounded like he was mistreated but came from a very nice or wealthy background. Anyhow, just to rebel like that instead of doing what is right. Responsibility is a big one for me. Life is hard.

    I am not sure I would like that show because I am not good with slackers. Did he seem like a slacker? Seems like he just ran from life.

    Like the list on my blog of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I do not see anything wise about going out into the wilderness without some way of contacting someone. I don't see knowledge of trying to do God's will etc.....that kind of thing.

    That is just my thought on a show I did not see.

    I like when you post the movies you have seen. And I like to talk about them. Kind of like a book club!

  2. Jamie,
    I noticed it's produced by Sean Penn. Does he have a part? Sorry, just can't separate his political views from his characters -- I won't watch it if he appears.

  3. Barbara: No Sean Penn is not in the movie. I DO understand about the political view thing. That's why it is hard to like Oprah like everyone else seems to.

    Christine: I wouldn't call him a slacker, because he had no responsibilities yet, he just graduated from college,(with high honors) he was very intelligent. I really just get into the sadness and lonliness that he must have felt before even doing this.

    There are parts of the movie I felt mad at him, thinking he was just being cruel to his parents and sister. But there are parts where I understand him and pity him. He did seem to find God along the way. He died a awful death, (in my opinion) and we do not know what went on between him and God during that time. That was hopefully what brought him closer to God.

    It's an opportunity to pray for his soul.

    He did run from life here on earth, hopefully his soul ran towards life in Heaven.

    I liked this movie because it was very thought provoking.

    He was selfish, he did have lots of fun on his journey, but it was also hard, very hard.

    Part of me also thinks his parents deserved this...they were not exactly good parents to their children. Maybe this has brought THEM closer to God. Isn't that terrible of me? People think they can do whatever they want to children, and they forget the gifts they are from God. (people who abuse their children)

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