Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our New Favorite Book!

Friday evening was our old neighborhood's garage sale sneak peek night and I found about 10 children's books, lots of clothes for the girls, a great picture for my bathroom and a cool cupboard thingy! I spent about $30 total. I only had time for 4 places though, because, well, it was my old neighborhood and I DO like to talk!! I regret that I did not get time to go back, as I had intended (hoped) to on Saturday morning to get more deals and perennial plants. There are 2 women who sell perennials every year for $1-$3 a plant. I love to garden and can't wait to grow some things here at our new home!

This is one of the children's books we found. We all love it. It's just so cute and has lots to talk about afterward, like being nice, being a nice friend, not calling people names etc....

I will be posting more later, but I am tired it's 11:30 pm and my paint is wet and I can't paint anymore, so I am going to bed!! (pretty amazing for this gal, any time before midnight is early for me!)

Garage sales, Music shows, painting and Confirmation...more to come!!


  1. We love this book too!

    When I was a teacher (never had my own class...but was an assistant, a substitute, a daycare teacher, etc...) I used this book when I did lessons on graphing. I had the kids all count the number of letters in their name and we made a class graph of each kid and how many letters in their name.

    I like the book because it's sort of funny for adults because of the big words the father uses and his 'psychology' he uses.

    I also like it because my children don't have very common names, so they can relate a bit.

    Plus, the music teacher has a baby in the end. Any book where someone is pregnant or has a baby is great for me! (I LOVE all things baby!!)

    I sure wish I could meet you in person. I'm just smiling thinking of you at garage sales and talking away. You are probably such a fun person to chat with!!

  2. I like most of Kevin Henke's books. The art in his books make them lovelier as well. This book you mentioned is my all time fav.

  3. We love Kevin Henke and Chrysanthemum is one of our favorites too (even if it is about going to school!).

  4. I never have seen this book. Looks like it is pretty popular out there!

    I have been having fun at garage sales also.

    I need to have one so bad! I have been passing up on the books since I am now a lover of the library. I just need to thin out our collection because it is pretty big from all those garage sales!

    Looking forward to more post!

    Jill- she is great in person. I am lucky to know her!

    I love books with babies also! There was this book from the library with all these kids in the parents bed and the bed kept getting bigger and bigger. I want that book...can't find it anywhere!

  5. We love Henkes books. He is wonderful and the pictures are so cute. They are GREAT read-alouds too.

  6. why is it so hard to get to bed before midnight? tug and i always say we are going to go to bed early then find ourselves wasting time away at 11:45...argh


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