Monday, May 12, 2008


Our beautiful Pentecost cake, daisies and roses (from my dear hubby)!

Cornish game hens, baked potatoes and a salad! How easy is that for Mother's day? Very easy, just put it all in the oven! *This was also suggested on Catholic Cuisine. (the game hens, I think)

Fruits and gifts of the Spirit! I drew the fruit, the kids colored them and we talked about them and what they mean.

I wrote the meanings on the back!

I DO like these beautiful doves with the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed on them.


  1. OH! White Daisies and Red Roses are my absolute FAVORITE!!! We should have put your photo on CC instead of mine... Your cake looks GREAT!! I'm sure your kids enjoyed it just as much as mine! :) What a fun day!

  2. I wish I could post my pictures. Having troubles again with my electronic equipment. It broke or something. Off to the camera store!

    Fun ideas Jamie. Well done.

    The Holy Spirit is alive in your family!

  3. Your cake and crafts look great! I love the doves hanging from the lights! How fun for the kids and such a wonderful of a memory you made them!

  4. Saw your doves today at your home - I really liked them. A great decoration year round! - - - BY the way, thanks again for watching my kids today and spending some time getting to know me. It was refreshing to say the least. Glad to know there is someone a lot like me out there. The kids crashed on the way home - all that fresh air! THANKS A BUNCH! @-}---


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