Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Did It!

I finally worked out!! Ok, it was only the 1-mile but it does feel good. I am TOTALLY out of shape. I guess those walks to the park pushing 80-90lbs of kids in the double stroller is not doing it for me! I actually broke a sweat doing the 1-mile!! That's terrible! When I did the arm stretchie, I couldn't wait til she was done. I used to think the 1-mile was just for fun and never broke a sweat. I used to do it on those days when I didn't have time for anything else. Now, I barely "fit" it in today. Well, it is a step. I DO have to give a plug for Leslie Sansone and her workout programs, I DO love them. I have this one, (and several others)the Express set, (I got a couple years ago at Sam's club for like $19) She is so encouraging and fun to workout with/to.
My coffee ran out today and I am not planning on buying more. I need to start eating a good breakfast, not just my leisurely coffee at 9:30 with a granola bar. Even if I have to gag through it, I have to do it. I say that now, but I know I will end up having a large glass of Ovaltine chocolate milk instead. It's always the same thing, I need to change my life. I need to get a schedule. I need to GET UP EARLY!! My friend Sarah, came to visit me last Friday (overnight visit!) and she loaned me a CD (I can't remember what it was called) but it had priests on it who sang and chanted and talked a little. One priest right away in the beginning said this: "the hardest part of my day is getting out of bed. Once I get out of bed and start my prayer it makes no difference." I could meditate on that one quote all day! It's true,and totally me, except by 2pm I am falling asleep during reading time. I'd have to say this is one of my biggest struggles. (my parents being the other but I'm not going to go there)
How is your Consecration going? Tomorrow is the end of the first 12 preliminary days. Which means after tomorrow the prayers get a little harder. By the 3rd week when the rosary is added, it gets really hard. (with kids, that is) During this whole consecration time I always start really looking at myself and my life and try to change those things that need changing. (I guess I try to do that all the time, but more during this time) I think it becomes more focused. SO that is how it is going for me, how about you?


  1. I think the CD you are talking about is 'Hours'! It's my favorite - absolutely. My favorite quote (if this is the same CD) is an older priest/teacher who says something similar to 'life isn't easy . . . it's not going to be easy until you're dead.' The CD chronicles the life of a seminarian & was recorded at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. If this isn't the CD Sarah played, you should look for this one, too. God bless you, Jamie, in your efforts and struggles.
    P.S. It'll probably happen at the same time for both of us!!

  2. I am so, so proud of you! I can only imagine how hard it must be to motivate yourself with all your little responsibilities. My siater did this program and loved it. I can't wait to hear the next installment. You go, girl! Nerm

  3. We are also doing the consecration but we started on day 9 and we missed yesterday. Our wedding anniversary is Aug 14, so it's a special time for us.

    I wanted you to know that I referred a young woman to your blog today. It was my ultrasound ECHO tech's fiancee (just so you know, in case someone pops up on here and mentions that). She has type I diabetes and they really want to have children. I thought you could offer support & encouragement. He said she loves crafting so your blog would be a double bonus for her to visit.

    God bless!!

    (btw- Hi Suzie! Thanks for mentioning the cd - I had forgotten the name)

  4. Thank you Suzie--yes that is the CD, I am going to have to look it up!! (and probably blog about it!)

    Sally--nice to hear from you!! Thanks for referring, I'd be glad to talk or email her with any questions!

  5. Congrats on doing the tapes! My one girlfriend, who lost over 100 pds, did those and loved them. And, are we long lost twins or something? I always get up late, then have my long coffee time, then eat breakfast (sometimes a granola bar, but I gotta have my protein to be good for the day), and have such a hard time getting up early. I really like what that priest said because it's so true. Yesterday I had the best day not because everything went my way, but because I got up at 6am, did my Liturgy of the Hours, and I had a wonderful sense of peace all day. I'm doing great with the Consecration, although I have to confess that I'm almost passing out when I do it because it's always so late at night. I'm so glad I found your blog. I love it!


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