Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Job Charts!

These are the much needed job charts that I found at Target while on vacation. You know that dollar section they have right when you walk in the door. I am such a sucker for that dollar stuff. It's always SO cute! These are weekly calendars that are magnetic. Well, we started yesterday and they have the opportunity to earn 50 cents a day if they do all their jobs. If they miss just one, they get nothing. I will only remind them once (or twice). Ballerina Rosie did wonderful and dried dishes the first time, and LOVED it! Jedi did not do so hot...that darn bed making and picking up dirty clothes. Today is another day though and another chance to earn 50 cents. Mary really does not care about it at all, but does want the chart up there! She did pick up a few toys yesterday though and help set the table. The goal is to get them to do this naturally. To naturally help. To do all these things automatically. It's a good way to teach money for Ballerina Rosie. As all job charts we've done in the past, we are always gung ho in the beginning and then somehow fall off and quit it...hopefully this one will work for a while.

I really like Jessica's ticket idea, we might have to try that next!

Yes, fake names were written on the charts so I could take a picture and show you! Crazy blogger, I know.


  1. Every family is different with different ideas and kids. I think the kids like to know what to do to help out. Are they going to like it? NO...who likes to work? But they have to learn somewhere...somehow!

    I make them work when needed. I need help in the garden come and help...I need help with laundry come and fold...I need help with dishes..etc...

    If the kids ever want to earn money well they have to work and work really really hard for what they want. Guess what...they really do not want for much. Important to learn money skills and to save and to learn to get want we need first and put off what we want. Because sometimes if we wait we might not want it anymore!

    Good luck with the is cute and worth the name change for the post!

    Like the bottle also and good for you for reading with the kids.

  2. I love to see how you run your household! It sures brings back the memories. I also did chore charts. I remember one we did in the months before a big trip to Disney World so they could earn money. It works with some kids and not others. Best of luck with it.
    By the way, I was just at Target yesterday at the $1.00 aisle! Love it too. Nerm

  3. I have failed so badly at the chore chart system. I really want the peg one I saw at my friends house, but it was over fifty dollars. I afford that! Perhaps I'll check out Target and see if they have what you've got. I like how you've set it up. I love the ticket thing too. I do have to wonder, though, where one would get a ticket roll.

  4. Hi Jamie!
    The chore chart looks great! Let me know how it is working out. I like it on the fridge as well, for all to see. Do you have them check it off once a chore is done, or do you have to inspect the chore first?

    I have all of the kids' chores written out (since the end of May!) but haven't really implimented a "chore system" with them yet. I need to start! I have just done what Christine does, "I need help with x,y,z..."

    They also have their everyday chores, but I am TIRED of having to ask (OK...yell sometimes!!) at them to do what they are supposed to do RIGHT AWAY instead of on their own schedule.

    I used to have a colored sheet numbered 1-10 with chores listed (one sheet per child) and then on a half sheet of paper taped on, I would number 1-10 and they would put a little sticker next to the number (chore) they completed for the day.

    At the end of each week, I would have them help me tally all the sticker, as each sticker was worth 10c. A fun way to learn counting by 10's!)And, the kids' only allowance money.

    Thanks for motivating me to put something together on the fridge once again!
    Love and prayers,

  5. I love this! I went to Target a few days ago and tried to find them, but I didn't have any luck...

    And yes... Isn't it pathetic that is is almost 2:30 am and I am still up! I hate it when my hubby is on a fire. I CAN'T sleep! :)


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