Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mailboxes (Part 2)

This is from Paula! I LOVE it!! Ever since I posted the previous post, I have been thinking, I actually love mailboxes, period. I love any kind, old ones, etc, they are cool and a daily part of all of our lives. They can bring joy, sadness, stress, hope all in a trip to the mailbox!!
This is our old mailbox before we moved last fall. I guess I couldn't wait to be able to plant flowers all around our new home's mailbox because our old one would not let me. You can see it is barely on a ditch, it has about 1 foot and it slopes down. All the water from any rain or melting snow would come down the hill and across the street to our mailbox and so it was impossible to plant anything that would stay. (believe me, I tried a few years!! Actually, I think I tried every year!) I would love if any of you bloggers would show me your mailbox on this mailbox tour, no matter what!!! I LOVE mailboxes!!


  1. Some day, when we have gas money, I'll fill up the weed wacker and cut all those weeds. I'll send another picture. Don't hold your breath!

  2. I loved everyone's mailboxes. Ours looks good in the spring with a hedge of forsythia around it, but now n the dead of summer, it's a lonely soldier. You've inspired me to do more next year. There's always next year, right? Nerm

  3. That's it. I'm emailing you a picture of my mailbox and I'm seeking advice on how to make it look pretty. :-)


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