Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tour of Mailboxes!

This is our mailbox. (above) I love looking at mailboxes. I love to see how people can be creative and make something plain be beautiful. The plant crawling up our mailbox is our Morning Glories we planted on May day, they are just starting to crawl up the back and by August will hopefully be flowering all over the top, kind of like this one below! When we moved here in Sept, our mail box had rock around it but no flowers. Yesterday we walked and took pictures of all the pretty mailboxes we could on the way to the park. (We took an extra long route) This one below is my favorite one. (although, I would do more of those bright pink flowers on the bottom!) I might have to get a Clematis plant next year! -They take so long to get to this though...

Won't you join me in this tour? If you have a mailbox to show off, take a picture and post it to your blog, I'd love to see it! I remember when I first started reading blogs, there was a tour of kitchen windows and I SO wanted to show off my kitchen window, but had no blog! (Babycakes was a baby and I had a picture of her in the sink by the kitchen window, she made it beautiful! I might have to show that picture tomorrow anyway!) If you don't have a blog, email me your picture of your pretty mailbox and I will post it to my blog, well, I will try to anyway!


  1. My mailbox looks awful. I'm always wanting to make it look nicer, but never seem to have the time. I love yours! The morning glories remind me that I need to water our Mary garden. ;-)And those skirts in your previous post are too precious!!!!!

  2. Oh! I LOVE your mailbox. Totally cute.

    MINE IS AWFUL!!! You so don't want to see it. It is the same one that was there 8 years ago when we bought the house. I've been waiting to replace it, hoping that the post office would let me move it to the end of my driveway, but as of yet they won't let me. We are *barely* past where the mail stops and everyone's boxes (that live up the road) are right before our driveway. The last time I asked was a couple years ago -- and they told me to try again in a couple years! This post reminded me of that! Maybe someday I will have a cute mailbox too! :)

  3. My box is uglier than sin. Well, not really, as sin is pretty ugly. It's one of those mass cubes with row upon row of key-entry boxes.

    One day, I'll have a mailbox to make lovely. Yours is delightful!

  4. Love yours. Mine? You tell me...check your email.

  5. I am turning green over here - your morning glory is making much more progress than ours. Aren't the blue blossoms the most gorgeous things ever in their full glory? And they are always going the strongest when the first frost hits.

    I'll send you a photo tomorrow. The bluebirds are nesting a second time in the birdhouse on our mailbox post.


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