Monday, August 11, 2008

Feast of St Clare

I am so late to post this! We had a busy morning. I took my Clare, (yes, we have a Clare and this is her feast day) to a Chiropractor appointment and we arrived at 10:33, late, but only to find out we were actually a week early!! (minus 3 minutes) SO we went to a grocery store nearby to grab a snack and went and played at a school park instead until Mass at noon.
St Clare is obviously special to me because of one of our daughters but while at Praying for Grace
today, I remembered when she was born a special nun, named Sister Clare in a Poor Clare Convent nearby sent us a plaque with a small picture of St Clare on it and signed it with her blessing on it. That plaque hangs in the girls room and reminds us of her continued prayers. That nun passed away this past year, she was 1 of 3 external nuns. They are amazing women.
St Clare, Pray for us.


  1. Happy Feast day of my sweet little Goddaughter! We prayed for you today, honey, and love you so much!! God bless you Clare!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Happy nameday to your sweet little girl!!

    I just love her name!! ;)


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