Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Curriculum Came!!

Wow, I just ordered everything Monday and it all came today!!!
It's so exciting getting our books!!!
I have kind of dreaded posting about what I've picked because everyone else who blogs about their curriculum does such a nice job of linking and posting all their plans. I'm just not that organized.

This year I went with CHC for the main meat of material. I am doing Voyages in English for English and using Saxon math. I am going to try this Little Saints preschool for Mary, it looks like a totally "Jamie" kind of program. With themes and units every week. (thanks to my good friend Sarah)

Last year we got PACE (Program for Achieving Character Education) and Catholic Mosaic. We only did PACE one month, loved it, but nonetheless, only did it one month. Catholic Mosaic, well, I didn't really do it until following Jessica on her blog, so I didn't use our book but Jessica's blog and other resources on the computer. My plan is to be more organized this year and actually plan when we will do these and fit them into a schedule. I REALLY like both of these programs.

I also got Spelling Power last year and it is still sitting on my shelf. I thought it was going to be a book but it is a book with DVD's to watch first and it just seemed like too much to get started. Maybe some year I will use it....

I have lots of Art books of course, I love art and it interests me, so I did order more, in which I probably did not need, but it's a great thing to do in the winter and well, anytime. I didn't really learn about art when I was young so I think my kids are very blessed to learn about artists and different kinds of art.

Saxon Math. I know a lot of people do not like it. Including me. But Jedi LOVED it last year so it is a offering up for him. It is a little time consuming, but in the end, I actually did like how it all came together and learned what to skip and do or not do. Basically it comes with a script to use, well, I skip most of it except the actual lesson of whatever new he is learning. We'll see how it works this year for Ballerina Rosie for 1st grade. I might have to use that script a little more. I am hoping they can do it together at the same time and a lot of the meeting book stuff can be done together, we'll see.

I like color and bright things. Last year I ordered Seton curriculum and felt it was a little dry for me and ended up ordering History, Health and Science from Abeka and supplemented Religion (Confession and First Holy Communion) with CHC. So this year I tried to not supplement as much.

I am excited for Jedi to have an Independent Work chart to follow on his own. I am ready for him to work a little more independently. I like how CHC introduces this in his 3rd grade lesson plans.

I'm not sure how this blog will fit into my schedule once school starts! I will have to sacrifice my reading time a little more (blog reading). I started exercising last week and have only missed 1 day. I plan to keep that up once school starts. I think 6 extra hours per day would suffice all I want to get done. Do you think God will give me 6 extra hours per day? ha! It will all work out, with balance. Balance is the key. Prayer is the key to balance. God brings it all together.

Well, there you have it. I'm sure I've forgot plenty to tell you, but there's my plans as of now.
It's not written down, it's all in my head. (and on the blog now)


  1. You'll work it all out. I can't do all that fancy-shmancy linky loo stuff . . . it's too time consuming for me to list everything and just easier to say we use Seton. WE do, 100%. We did add Traditional Logic - we are, in fact, beginning TL this coming Monday (incorporating it in).

    Good luck and God bless you for taking the time to home school your tots!

  2. How exciting! I always have loved the beginning of the school year. I remember shopping for school supplies-I love new ones. How wonderful to think you have the power to teach & shape little minds. What a blessing. Nerm

  3. I love new book day! Ours are in the possession of the UPS man right now!

  4. Oooh! How exciting!!! I just love it when new books arrive in the mail!

    Sounds like you have your plan all together. I am still working on mine, but at least I am finally making progress.

    I think you will like Little Saints. I used it with my oldest, and then lightly with my last too. I plan to use it again this year with my youngest daughter. It is time consuming the first year making all the games etc, but all my children have LOVED it!

    Oh and GOOD FOR YOU on all the working out. I have been super lasy, and really need to start again. Keep up the good work!

  5. HI Jamie!

    Glad you got all of your new books. It's SO exciting to have them sitting there just begging to be opened up!

    Smooth, flat, non-creased covers on new books, fresh and inviting art supplies, a blank school year calendar, sharpened pencils and dreams for a better, more organized and loving school room and year. That is what I feel when I look around at what we have picked for this new year.

    Much love and enjoy getting ready!

  6. Have fun with all the art! You know how I like ART!

    Yup...those books look so nice and neat ready for learning!

    I am anxious for a night out also and buy school supplies! A mom I talked to last night said she had to buy a $125.00 calculator for her Junior...for Trig. and Calc. Yikes!

    Congrats on working out! You are beautiful inside and out!

  7. If I were at your house right now you would have to stop me from sticking my head right in those boxes. I would be smelling those books. :) I love new book smell. It reminds me of school, reading, and lots of happy memories.
    Enjoy your new shipment!

  8. I love when new books arrive, especially the new School Year Curriculum. I don't think I could have been as patient as you, waiting to take pictures. I love the feel and smell of new books too much. (However, I do my share of ordering used books) They are just as fun to me.....I can't wait 'till our order arrives. I hope nothing is planned on the day they come. I just love to sit and look thru everything. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting as well.
    Blessings and Happy Schooling!

  9. Wow! I LOVE that preschool program! I'm going to have to get it for Maia. She would LOVE it! I'm doing Saxon for the first time this year. I may have to email you should I have any questions. And congrats on the exercising! It is a lifesaver, I tell ya. If you can make sure you squeeze in the time, which means other things may have to be put on the back burner (such as blogging sometimes), you will be amazed at your energy level and positive mood. I say the two most important things for mom are prayer and exercise. Much love to you on your new school year!

  10. I am an organizational nut, too. I enjoy setting up our schedule for the school year (although I haven't done it yet for this year and it is already the middle of August!) I am in the process of putting together a workshop for homeschooling moms who need a plan to organize their lives. The test run is this weekend, please say a prayer that it all goes well.
    God Bless!

  11. What a great idea Laura!! I will pray for you!!


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