Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, Tom, my husband is gone fishing in Canada. He called today and caught 76 fish in 5 hours. Mary told him "that's too many shish, daddy!" While he is having fun fishing, I get to watch "Jamie"movies. This was one of them! I loved it! I am going to let the kids watch it this week. It was really good! It was serious, funny and cute too. Kind of a fairy tale, kind of reminded me of Shrek, only not a cartoon. It's a movie about liking yourself, just the way you are. Enough said, now go rent it!


  1. Your husband is so lucky. That sounds like a fun trip. are so cute.

    Never heard of that show? I need to kick my husband out of the house so I can watch it. Totally not a guys show!

  2. I keep seeing commercials for that on our cable pay-per-view. I will watch it!

    When they are all asleep, I will often watch a movie so thanks for the recommendation.

    The last one I watched was The Other Boleyn Girl which I enjoyed. We'll never know exactly what happened so this was an interesting perspective.

    Recently, my kids enjoyed Meet the Robinsons and My Dog Skip.

  3. Oh, and you know what else...I think the name Penelope is very pretty....Penny...

    Not used to much.....

  4. +JMJ+ -Thanks for your recommendations, I'll put them on my list!

  5. I'll put this one on my netflix queue.

  6. OH! I have been really wanting to see this movie and was worried... you never know! It looked so cute and funny! So glad you liked it. I am going to move it up on my list on Netflix!

  7. I saw this movie, but forgot to add it to my blog. I really recommend it too! 4 Stars! What a beautiful movie about loving yourself just the way you are, and a sweet modern day fairy tale too. I was enchanted by the detail of the backgrounds and costumes. Be sure to watch the special features about the making of the movie! By the way, Reese Witherspoon is in this movie, and she was also the director.

  8. Yep, this movie is on my want-to-watch list, too. My husband's going camping with our boys this week--sounds like the perfect excuse! (Because I simply cannot watch "chick flicks" with him in the room. Try as he may, he keeps making COMMENTS. Drives me crazy!)

    PS. By the way, I loved the "too much shish" remark! Loved it loved it loved it.


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