Monday, August 11, 2008

Picky Foods Meme!

I couldn't resist this one!! My friend, Jill, (I cannot link her, because she has a private blog) listed her "picky foods" and I thought it was pretty fun to read and got me to thinking how fun this would be as a meme! SO, if anyone out there wants to list all their picky foods, you are tagged!! If you don't have a blog, and want to vent your picky foods, leave it in my comment box! Here are mine!

  • Mushrooms
  • Egg whites, any way, merange, egg salad, eggs in potato salad, etc.
  • Marshmallows
  • Angel food cake (are you getting it's a texture thing kind of so far? No spongy things for me!)
  • Carmel flavored cereal or granola bars
  • nuts in brownies or cookies or cake or ice cream
  • shrimp/seafood
  • Most fish unless breaded and covered in tarter sauce
  • Tapioca pudding
  • Cinnamon flavored candy or gum
  • Root beer, root beer floats, root beer flavored anything
  • Brats (I like plain old hot dogs, Oscar Mayer, original, to be exact)
  • Any fat on any meat
  • Fruit flavored lotions (I know you don't eat lotion, but it does make me gag)
  • Sugar pop
  • Popsicles/Mr Freezies
  • Chocolate covered cherries
  • Watermelon/melon
Well, that is just about it!! It's quite a lot when you actually write it all down. Maybe the next meme should be Top 20 Foods we DO like? Tag, you are it!


  1. What a fun post Jamie!

    I also hate nutz in cake, sugar pop and unsweetened tea....lots of honey cures that....but the rest of it I would eat.

    Nutz are about the only thing for me when put in things. Beets also.

    And things that are all mixed together.

    I like peas. Just peas. No noodles and tuna and stuff added. Just one ingred.

    Food is fun isn't it!

  2. You are a picky girl, Jamie!

    The only thing I won't eat is raw fish. Honestly, I think that's it!
    Although lately I'm not eating meat at all. But, not because I'm being picky.

  3. I thought I was picky!!

    Here's my list:

    condiments - ANY and ALL
    cheese (except mozz. on pizza)
    any baked/hot fruit - including pies
    winter squash
    1%, 2% or whole milk
    corned beef
    anything hot or spicy
    salad dressings

    more but I can't think of them

  4. Wow, Jamie!
    I will have to make a copy of your dislikes so I can make sure to never gross you out when I make something for you! :)

    Here are mine:

    Canned fruit salad
    Canned veggies (gotta gave frozen or fresh, except canned tomatoes are OK in casseroles)
    banana or watermelon flavored things (I like the real fruit, though)
    iceberg lettuce
    Nuts in breads, cakes
    extremely bland dishes (no seasonings, etc)
    unsweetened tea

  5. I have to add Beets to my list...My mom used to open a can and just cook the bright purple/red things and make us eat them, makes me shiver just talking about it!!

    Oh, and Spam...although, my mom used to cook it by slicing it and frying it, I only liked the really thin, cooked really crisp ones.

    I will never make lucky kids!

  6. Rather than post it on my blog, here's my list:
    I don't like:
    Tapioca pudding
    raw fish
    fat on meat (if I see a vein, I won't eat it)
    raisins after being cooked
    fruit in my yogurt
    Mt. Dew
    Fat-free stuff (I want the real deal, perhaps less of it)
    chocolate covered or non-covered bugs of any kind (it's just not candy!)
    the worm in the Tequila
    bird seed (it's blown into my open gob whilst filling the feeder in the wind)

  7. Our lists are pretty similar! :)
    I forgot about tapioca pudding- I don't like that either! OH, and I don't like chocolate covered cherries either. I forgot that too. (Like I didn't have enough on my list already!!) In fact, I am picky about boxed chocolates. I don't like any of the fruit filled ones.
    AND I totally get the lotion thing. I am particular about scents in general. I get unscented for anything I buy- deoderant, detergent, lotion, etc...

    This was fun to read!

  8. I am sorry it took me so long to read this.

    You gals are just so funny with your picky things. It makes my list look so wimpy!

    I do not like to eat/drink:

    -mushrooms (sometimes cream of mushroom is okay if there aren't any big chunks and lots of other seasonings)

    -olives, mostly because they are the same texture as mushrooms and same weird unexplainable taste.

    -beans, like the crockpot ones people have as a side dish. I have grown to like them in chili though - that's a new phenomenon.

    -plain coffee and beer. yuk and it smells gross too.

    -shellfish, sardines and caviar

    -pickled eggs, hooves, etc, basically anything that's NOT pickled cucumber or sauerkraut (which I love). Never tried them, never will.

    -and of course things like gizzards, cow hearts, liver and other weird things that no one should ever eat to begin with!

    Foods I can't have due to allergies and IBS (but sometimes do anyways):
    -fresh fruit (especially blueberries, cherries)
    -onions (red/pruple and green are okay)
    -fried foods
    -intensely spiced foods
    -fatty meats

    Everything else I pretty much like. I even like spam! And when it comes to scents - I go for the fruity things first over the flowery smelling things. Not sure why.


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