Thursday, August 28, 2008

World's Largest Sign Outside DNC!

American Right to Life Action displays message on mountain outside DNC.
I watched Obama's wife and Hilary the other night just a few minutes each. It's all I could stand. They both spoke about our children and the future of our children. I guess they only mean the children already born, not any unborn children. I guess they don't consider unborn children our children. Just made me sick to my stomach, seeing people in the audience crying and tearing up to their stupid stories. How misled they are.
Pray. Pray. Pray.
Fast. Fast. Fast.
We need to, We have to.


  1. They are so so blind. It has to be. How else can anyone say that abortion is ok. Pray is right. For their souls. They have it nice now but Holy Cow...when they die...Lord have mercy.

  2. This is a great informational post. Ah, because we don't see these things on the evening news (not that we have a television) but seriously, these things are not reported.

  3. oh, ht meants hat tip. (you probably already figured that one out!)

  4. Thank God Trina educated me on that ht thing - I feel a right dumb about that! I'm so daft sometimes! Anyway, great post. I think I would be completely ignorant of much of this if it weren't for all you wonderful bloggers out there. I appreciate it! I can focus prayer better.

  5. Well, Hat Tip to Melissa then!! someone told me once, but I forgot,now I wrote it down and will not forget!! Thanks! I knew it was a courtesy, but did not know what the H and T stood for!

    Thanks Trina!

  6. This blog has a lot of info also.

  7. Thanks for the tip of the hat to me! I tip my hat to my Mom who sent me the email, with the exact thought that I would post it on my blog. And so I did. THANKS MOM!

    I found out what h/t means just aminute ago from

    With all the abbreviations/acronyms used lately among texters and bloggers, I'm keeping this one on hand! ;o)


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