Thursday, September 18, 2008


For all the Christine, from A Simple and Holy Life, followers:
Yes, she deleted her blog. She has her reasons, the same reasons I think we all have as bloggers. Being a slave to the comments, check. For fear for our children, check. I always pray about it though and end up chickening out. I don't think I'd ever delete my whole blog, not without printing it out anyway!!
I admire her for just doing it. Freeing herself from it. There is so much pride that comes with blogging, always checking for comments, for that self gratification that I am worthy or something. My next statement would be "I DO have real friends". Well, yes, but the problem is many of you have become my real friends. Friends who can email me for prayers, send twirly skirts to my children, friends who I can call and ask what they are planning for the upcoming feasts. Friends who I have names in common with, including my own. Friends who make me laugh and cry. Friends who I have met and would not have were it not for this blog. Friends to send Christmas cards to. I am happier. My blog is a part of me now. It's hopefully a place of "Jamieness" It's me. It's pink, it has my thoughts, my prayers. Hopefully people leave here feeling happy.
I think that is what Christine had too, a place of "Christineness" I know people left there usually feeling happy, she's pretty funny. She also is great at teaching the faith to all who go to her blog. I'm sure her blog helped at least one person come back to the faith, which makes her turning 40 blogging adventure SO worth it!! I know her and I have grown closer but the good thing, is I still get to see her. The sad thing is you don't. Everyone will miss you Christine. I support you, I love you, blessings my good friend!


  1. Awwwwww!!!! I will miss visiting Christine's blog! I totally understand though... but I agree with everything you said too Jamie. I have made some wonderful *real* friends through blogging! God Bless!

  2. I never did see Christine's blog, but I understand her reasonings. I deleted my old blog once and didn't start up again for awhile. Tell her she will be in my prayers. Blogging is wonderful, but sometimes it can take over like an unruly vine.

  3. Tell her I said hello and I will also miss reading her blog. She had so many thought-provoking posts!

  4. Yeah, I'm going to miss her blogging insights and funnies! You can give her my address (since we swapped before - I love Christmas Cards). I completely understand her needing to close it down. Security for my kids is one reason I've thought about it. The other is: being afraid that I'm sharing too much of me, too much of this or that. You know. But, I'm finding balance. I'm checking once in the AM and once in the PM so I am not closing mine down, but giving it space. :-) Blessings!

  5. Thanks, Jamie, for posting that!!! You are sweet.

    I did it really for security reasons. I did put too much info out there. The only way....and I mean ONLY way is to delete it.

    I also spend way...and I mean WAY too much time on it. Like Jen said---it really can take over like "an unruly vine."

    I need more time for my kiddos.

    Do not get me wrong. I really did enjoy getting to meet some new friends. Jessica, Paula, JOT and JMJ. All sweethearts. However, I am still here. Same person. So I will still be thinking and praying for you all. Hope you do the same for me.

    Thanks again, are a sweet friend.

  6. Could you PLEASE pray for me? I'm now having a bunch of hormone tests done. I found out my estrogen level on day 10 of my cycle is 304.5 (The new docor said that was "great"). I will be having blood tests on my progesterone, FSH, ect. soon. I am praying for good results. I have lost thirteen pound so far and I am trying to improve my health, reduce the pain from the endometriosis, and increase my fertility. My next visit with my new doctor is Oct. 3rd. I am praying for some encouragement, hope, and good news on my hormone levels from the doctor.

    I am having difficulty praying lately (I used to pray the rosary every day) and keeping my hopes up. Since I was married, I prayed the rosary and novenas for a baby, but still no baby. I am afraid of more bad news in regards to my hormones from the doctor. I guess I need to pray more and trust in God! It's just been so disappointing to me to pray all those rosaries and novenas, but still no baby. Also where I work we have two pregnant young ladies and today they talked about their pregnancies and their babies while I was in the room. I did manage to keep a happy face while they were in the room, but after everyone left the room I felt like crying. I am not sure that at my age 42 and with the endometriosis, I should just give up?? I am hoping and praying this weight loss and eating better will help things.

    Do you know of any natural foods or vitamins that might be able to increase my fertility??

    Thank you for reading this and for the prayers!!

    May God Bless you and your family.

    Could you recommend a novena for me to pray??

    I am trying to do all I can do to better my health and fertility and let God do the rest, but it's very difficult! I really want to be a good Catholic Mom, breast feed, homeschool, ect. It makes me so sad to think we might not be able to have a child. My husband says adopting is too expensive and we can't afford it so I guess the only way for me to be a Mom is to have our own child. It seems impossible though. I'm trying not to give up hope.

    Maria <---who really misses saying her rosary which always comforted me and made me feel better

  7. It's interesting I was just trying to post a comment on her blog to let her know how right she was about something (the only problems people have with the Catholic Church are all sexual).

    Anyways, I thought I better check with Jamie - she'd know what happened to Christine's blog. And whalah, the next thing I read was this post!

    Christine - I'll be seeing you at the Schoenstatt Girls club! I will miss your posts.

  8. I really felt the lose of Christine. I loved her "voice" and it's weird that she's not out there in her blog...KWIM?

    Yes, Jamie and Jessica it feels like real friendships to me too in this blogsphere where I think we all really care about each other. So, Christine, we care about your instincts and support you, but it already feels a little less vibrant without you!

    Sending a *hug* to all my blog friends! I am thankkful to God for leading me to like-minded Catholics to share "the journey" with and from afar.

  9. Christine, I was wondering what happened. I will miss reading your blog. God Bless


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