Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today Is My Birthday!

That title is sung in that old song kind of way! Da na na na na na!
I think when it's your birthday, you have to tell other people, on that day, it somehow makes their day, watch their eyes light up and a big smile come on their face as they say "Happy Birthday!" I love to tell the cashier wherever I go that day and watch her face, whoever she might be. Funny how people just know that life is special, even if they don't know the person.
I really don't have any great pictures of myself, so I pictured one of my favorite summer flowers, Cosmos, which always seem to bloom right around my birthday! These are from our garden.
How old am I? 39 (for the first time)! 9-9-69, pretty cool day, huh? the 6 is really just an upside down 9!
Blessings on your day, and St Peter Claver, pray for us.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jamie!

    I know, I like to tell people, too. I'm going to be 39 on 10-14!

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie! I wish you all the joys of life you deserve!


    When I was in college (after my conversion) I used to bring treats. I agree with you; people do recognize that life is precious. It's instinctive.

    PS. My birthday is coming up, too, but I will not be turning 39. ;)

  4. Happy, happy day, you young chick you!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I would have known last night... I would have given you a big birthday hug!
    Oh well, in my thoughts I'll give you a hug today.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! I'm so blessed to have found your blog and met you. You are a joy to all you meet (even the ones online!). Many blessings to you on this day!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jamie!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! So glad I met you though blogging... It has been a joy to get to know you and your sweet family! May God send you extra blessings today! Love ya!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOUUUUUUUU! Can you hear me singing??!!

    Wow what a wonderful day you have to celebrate. Since mine is in April it seems to be cold and it even snows!

    Blessings to you! I do so love ya for a friend.


  9. Happy Birthday to you.
    It's my birthday too!
    Happy Birthday dear Jamie.
    It's fun for us two!


  10. Birthday Blessings to you Jamie! Hope your doing something fun and that the kids were on their best behavior just to make your day extra special (even if they weren't, hope your day is great anyway!)

  11. "They say its your birthday,
    da na na na na!
    Happy Birthday to you!"

    I hope you had a good break in your day with some peace and quiet to think about all those 39 years past. Yep, 39 for the first time. I'll be 29 for the first time 11-13. I am still a birthday person, and feel everyone should have the most awesomest day on their birthday, doing whatever they wish. I hope that never wears off of me.

    I hope you got to do just what you wanted today. If not, call me and I'll help you make it happen soon!


  12. Happy Birthday!!! May you and your family have many blessings. lois

  13. Happy, happy birthday, Jamie!!


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