Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on Peighton And Jill

Jill: Eternal Rest Grant unto her oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Peighton: (she is just 4 years old and is in our local homeschool group) She was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors and one in her spine on September 4th. I will quote her mother, Jennifer here on their Caring Bridge site update:

"Peighton has what is called Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma....(pie-low-max-oid astro-sigh-toe-muh), also known as a low grade glioma, grade 2. Basically, it is a tumor that won't ever go away, but is treatable. We will be starting chemo in the next few days, and will continue with chemo for the next 15 months. So, yeah, long road ahead of us....but we will know whether or not it is working come Christmas. The trick is to get this thing to shut off and quit growing and causing problems. Hopefully the chemo will not only shut it off, but it will shrink it too.

Tom and I are feeling pretty okay with the diagnosis...while it isn't what we wanted in the beginning, it isn't the end of the world. There are tons of other things that this could have been that could have been just a death sentence, and we wouldn't be given the opportunity to even fight. So we are finding blessings in this. And with our best fight and God's sweet grace, we will beat this thing!

There are tons of different treatments, and I am sure that some of you might be wondering about radiation. Well, frankly, she is just too young. The location of the tumor is not an ideal spot for doing wouldn't be a good thing since her brain is still growing. Once she reaches the age of 8 yrs, then it is a card that might come into play...but hopefully in 4 yrs, we won't have to play any cards cause it will be shut down and she will be fine. One step at a time....that's all we can do."

I ask for prayers for this family and all they are going through. They had to put their son, Ryan into public school in order to free their time to help Peighton. Jennifer, the mother, recently posted how they saw Ryan sitting staring at Peighton's bed. How he misses her. How hard this is on the whole family. Please join me in praying for this family and all they must endure. Jennifer just became a Catholic on Easter Sunday and has a very strong faith, let's keep her lifted up in prayer. Thank you all.

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  1. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers! I'm on it!!! Blessings!!


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