Friday, October 10, 2008

God's Great Love

Today's intention in 40 Days for Life is:

May all understand more deeply that the pro-life message is rooted in two basic truths of life:
1) There is a God
2) He isn't me

In the Reflection today, Fr. Frank Pavone, (National Director, Priests for Life) says:

"From the beginning of the Bible until the end, the theme is echoed that God alone has dominion over human life. He made it; shared it; died to save it; will raise it up forever."

This got me thinking, why wouldn't God just destroy all of us? We are such a sinful people. He created us. He could just not think about us for one moment and *poof* we'd be gone. He could just start all over again, or just create something else. He won't do that though, because God loves us. Just like we love our own children, He loves us. We would not want to make a child of ours disappear just because he/she is being naughty. It is because of our love for our child. How much greater must Gods great love be for us then? He gives us many warnings and chances, much like a parent would here on earth. Because He loves us. Let God love you. Let His love shine through you.

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