Monday, October 20, 2008

High School Musical 2

I watched this movie last weekend. I have to say, it was great!! I just felt so good afterward. So hopeful for kids today. The characters in this movie are so clean cut and well, just nice kids. It's fun to see a musical like this. It was nice to see a movie that had no bad language in it, no sex and just plain fun. Like I said, It made me feel so good afterward. Of course, my husband was not in the least interested in this movie, he was sick in bed, well, if he was not sick, he still would not be interested. This qualifies as a "Jamie" movie for sure.


  1. So, is the the first movie as good?? I haven't watched either because I assumed they wouldn't be up to my 'standards' (whatever that is! I'm a little undefined when it comes to movies, but it's probably something I should define better). Mostly, I just don't have time to check a movie out. I've made rash judgements the other way, too . . . thought the movie was good, gave it as a gift idea, movie wasn't so good for adults or children.

  2. I thought it was, both movies. The "bad girl" Sharpay, is a spoiled rich girl, they do show her in a bikini. Nothing inappropriate with kissing or anything like that and no inuendos, if you know what I mean, oh, and no gays! I thought it was good, but it is totally a chic flick, don't think your hubby would like it! I'd let my kids watch it. I think the first one was as good, I'll have to watch it again, can't remember it, but I know it was good too.

    Gosh, I remember loving the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" but recently watched it late one night, I would not let my kids watch that one, it was not as good as I remember!

    A really good site to check out movies is

  3. I know Mekenzie, my granddaughter, is really excited about this movie. So glad it's a good one. How rare these days! Thanks for sharing about it. Nerm


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