Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Election Humor!

Christine (who used to blog, I know many of you miss her), sent me this photo. I thought it represented each of the candidates perfectly, no heart, no brain, wanting courage, (he has it, but seems sometimes to be too much of a gentleman) and that girl next door!! Come on, ya gotta laugh!
***Little correction: (actually BIG correction!) My bad for sure! I never realized that Biden and McCain looked so much alike! (at least as a lion and a scarecrow they do, I think) I guess McCain is the one with no brain, but he is the most faithful friend to Dorothy! (thanks JMJ!) Biden has no courage, not because he's a gentleman though. haha!
It's still funny!


  1. ah Jamie, that is a nice thing to say about me.

    I love this picture also. Whoever did it should get some interesting.

  2. I wish that McCain had been the Lion.

    That's Biden in the Lion suit.

    But the scarecrow had brains all along and was the faithfulest of friends. :)


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