Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My New Header

It dawned on me this morning while praying my morning prayers, that many people do not know what it means when I ask "Lord, make me a saint." A saint is anyone in Heaven. It is not just the proclaimed saints, the canonized saints. That is the reason I named this blog this title. I want to be in Heaven. I want my family to go to Heaven. I want God to work through us and perfect us so we might someday meet Him in Heaven. Only God knows all my faults (and probably my husband) and little by little I'm working on them. I can't work on those faults if God is not helping me through it though. So when I ask "Lord, make me a saint", I am asking God to help me work through all those faults, to perfect me as He wills to perfect me. We will not be perfect until we are in Heaven, but we need to practice because Heaven is the end result.

I'm not saying if you never practice loving God and you die that God won't be merciful to you at that end, if you say "I believe", but will you? Will you say it if you have not practiced? Will it be familiar for your soul to be able to say it?

I hope this clears some things up for those who might be anonymous and might be lurking out there still.

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