Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Fun Craft!

This was found HERE but I changed it a little bit. I don't have all the supplies she has so we improvised and used what we have which is showing at the top of the picture. We traced a tree that Ballerina Rosie drew with white crayon, very heavy and thick onto white cardstock paper, we also colored snow, a moon and stars or snowflakes. Then we colored a yellow star and red ornaments. (they wanted to copy me, but could have drawn anything or used any color) Next we water painted the background blue and the tree green. When the water paint was dry, we mixed blue poster paint with water (a 50/50 mix) and painted over the background, for a darker color.
I love these new craft blogs because I had been getting tired of my same old crafts that I've done for years and years. It's so fun to do new things for each season of the year. I will be showing you some of the old ones too as we go along during Advent. I love this time of year, I love Advent. I love all the crafting, preparing, praying, baking, shopping, it's all fun. (I don't like shopping, but Christmas time is different for some reason, maybe because I get to buy fun things?)


  1. Looks great! I'm still so new to all the crafts and Advent stuff. I think by next year I'll have a routine down...hopefully. :-)

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for posting your ideas. I hope to do a lot of cookie art with the kids this weekend. I plan to bake bake and bake some more!!

    Advent is a special time. I cannot imagine Christmas and Advent without kids. They just make everything fun, crazy, sweet, holy, and exciting.

  3. This looks easy to replicate & I have these supplies on hand. Yesterday the kids were bored (even with the morning schoolwork, game playing, shoveling, baking & computer time - their energy is crazy higher than mine!).

  4. I went and checked out the website you linked and marked it - I can always use help in the craft area. She has some great ideas.


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