Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun, Easy Shelf-Sicles

I saw THESE in Family Fun magazine. ( I never ordered that magazine, but I've been getting it for months now) I cannot show the whole picture because it shows my children's real names, it is prettier with the whole picture.
They were easy to make, although, mine are not as nice and perfect as the magazine shows. I bought 8 pieces of white felt, and cut away. (20 cents each) taped the ice pieces to paper and it turned out pretty good! OK, we don't wait until Christmas Eve, we decorate during Advent. I think of it as decorating our home for our Savior's birth, for a very important guest.


  1. I like Family mag. also. The ideas are fun.

    At least you get to hang your stockings by the fireplace. Ours is running 24/7 so it would be a fire hazard.

    It just would be weird to decorate so late. It is a lot of work and I like to enjoy "the work" as long as we can.

  2. ps....Ya know the "pass it forward" thing....I cannot give out my email because it has my last name in it. I think I may have to back out. Unless they give me their emails??? Wonder if that would work.

  3. Christine, why do you have to give your email out? (is it to get their addresses? If so, have them email me, my email is in my profile, and I can forward it to you)

  4. I love that! I also like the Shroud of Turin pic in the back.;-)

  5. Jamie, I am so, so happy to see you back in the blogging world! You have been sorely missed. I love your icicles-how clever and they look really great. I'll remember that for next year. Nerm

  6. Jamie - that looks so pretty! My nativity scene is set on a wide windowsill ledge and this would be perfect to dress it up a bit! Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Those are wicked cool!!! Great idea! Now I wish we had a hearth and mantle!! Maybe I can use this idea on a shelf when we're in HI to get the Christmas wintery effect?


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