Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Got Snow?

This picture was taken last week! Today we are expected to get at least a total of 7 more inches! We will be sliding right after shoveling the driveway! I love big snow years!! If it's going to snow, it might as well snow a lot! It is a little hard for those little 2 year old little leggies to walk though, poor thing...me, I'm the poor thing who has to shovel paths to the swing set and around things so she can walk. And pull her in the sled wherever I have not shoveled and try to carry this 30 pound snowsuited kiddo! It's all fun though! Love the rosy cheeks when we come in!
I think we'll have soup for lunch, skip nap and go play outside!


  1. I love all the new snow. So white! We had a friend come over with a snowmobile to pack down our trails to go cross-country skiing. Guess we will just go sledding.

    I love rosy cheeks also.

  2. hello...this is Anne...how are you doing?

    she wanted to say HI

  3. Hi Anne, the girls are excited to see you at Little Crowns next Monday!!

    Thanks for visiting!!

  4. That is AMAZING!!! We are having a big snow year too. For us that equates to it having already snowed enough (1-4 inches) to close the schools lol!!! The snow is gone now, and we are back to our usual rain... I think I prefer the snow! Enjoy it!

  5. I read the title and thought, "No thank goodness...but you sure do!" Snow around here doesn't go well. I mean, it looks nice, the kids love it, but every year I forget snow pants, and you have to remember I married a Cajun. He loathes snow...;-) Have fun! I always think of all those calories I'm burning when I shoveling walkways...lol. Better than running on a treadmill sometimes.

  6. It's so beautiful! Of course, I'd be looking out the window, listening to music and getting fatter by the minute guzzling hot cocoa and such! Love the new header picture. Pretty stuff!!!

  7. Thanks! That new header picture was actually taken last week. It was SO beautiful outside! It's too stinkin cold for the snow to stick to the trees like that today!! It's like 12 below zero, last I checked and it feels like it!

  8. that header picture is absolutely gorgeous. it reminds me of narnia when the white witch is in charge....

  9. You are the lucky ones. We've been snowless and the kids are a-wanting snow!

    My oldest said he wanted to move to Minnesota...made me smile knowing who all lives there.


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